Meet BaneDad -- The Inevitable Arch-Nemesis Of BatDad

Meet BaneDad — the Inevitable Arch-Nemesis of BatDad

Surely you have heard of BatDad by now. He's had a Today Show appearance. He's had a 'Shop Contest. He even has an agent, or so we've heard (from said agent). But every superhero needs an archnemesis. That's why we now have BaneDad.

BaneDad is the alter ego of New York comedian Anthony Apruzzese. Nobody cared about BaneDad until he put on this mask and started making rebuttal vines to thwart Blake Wilson, who dispenses parental guidance in the guise of BatDad.

No One Cared About BaneDad Until He Made These Vine Videos [Uproxx]

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    Eh, to be honest, I dont think its as funny when its two pretty grown men. The weird interaction with adults and children is what makes most of the Batdad vines funny.

    BatDad was funny because of his dedication to the annoyance of his family.

    BaneDad is unfunny because it's clearly scripted and badly acted, and also because it's unfunny.

    Why does the son look like Daniel Radcliffe?

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