Mega Man Is Kind Of A Jerk In This Stop-Motion Video

We've always known Mega Man to be a good guy, one who's more than happy to blast bosses, steal their sweet weapons and make the world a safer place. That's video game Mega Man. What about hot-glued, stop-motion Mega Man? Yeah, he's not someone you want to be friends with.

Zach King, also known as "Final Cut King" on YouTube, put together the humorous clip above that shows the world's least refreshing glass of water transform into jerk-Mega Man. This evil version of the classic hero then goes on to destroy all manner of objects, breaking them down into their component pieces... which turn out to be plastic tiles.

Who knew?

According to King, he snapped in excess of 10,000 photos and used 1000 tiles — along with some glue and paint — to create the video, though not all the photos made it into the final product.

Mega Man Comes to Life [YouTube]


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