More Crazy Things You Can Do In Grand Theft Auto V...

One day I will get bored of this Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters series, but today is not that day. In a lot of ways I'm enjoying this series more than the game itself, mainly because it shows you the insane potential and detail of Grand Theft Auto V in a way that the game doesn't. It makes me want to go back to the game and just experiment.

What I love about these videos is this: it proves that, for just about every question you can possibly ask, Rockstar has an answer. The beauty is in the details. Whether or not you enjoy Grand Theft Auto V as a video game, it's an outrageous technical achievement.


    I tried the hiding in the bushes trick when i had a 5 star rating, it didnt work even though i had broken sight of the police.

    You can also transport vehicles in the big planes (Titan) if you punch the back doors open, it's great that we keep discovering more.

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