More Incredible Things You Can And Can't Do In Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters series is truly something else. Not only is it fun to watch but it's just such a fantastic source of ideas for crazy shit to try in the game. The best part? Rockstar has provided a universe within which this experimentation is totally catered for. It's a beautiful thing really.

So what this Mythbusters series is saying to me is even if I'm not always having 'fun' with Grand Theft Auto V, even if I sometimes find it a little dull or the core mechanics unpolished, you cannot deny the breathtaking breadth and scope of its world. You may not enjoy the game on a minute to minute basis but surely you can appreciate it.

I think that's what this Mythbusters series has done for me: given me a new appreciation for Grand Theft Auto V. I've been finding it difficult to motivate myself when it's all 'drive to point B, kill all the red dots', but videos like this show the true Grand Theft Auto V in action: a brilliant little mini universe with it's own fun little set of rules. Brilliant.


    I don't know about that helmet one. He was looking straight at the shooter when he got shot.

      Someone mentioned this on Reddit and the creator replied. He said that when he shot the other guy, on his screen he was facing the other way.

    Hijacking a 747 in midair? Sounds like a job for the Scorpio! Someday they'll write books about all of this!

    Rico Rodriguez Just Cause 2 btw

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    Watch how that helicopter rocks before it makes contact with the jumbo. That right there is the number one thing that kills flying in the game, for me. I really wish Rockstar would fix that!

      The turbulence?

      I don't think it's something they need to 'fix', they included it intentionally. It does decrease as your flying skill increases though.

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    I think I had the same problem as you @markserrels though with GTA4.
    I got to a point where the driving to a point to shoot some dood was getting a little tedious. Much the same way I felt about far cry 2. *drive to other side of the island, kill someone, drive back*
    I used to love the driving in GTA3 and Vice City etc, but for some reason in 4 it seems really laborious. Then I discovered the magic of Taxi's! I dunno if it's just my exposure to the old ones, but I thought taxi's were only good for you to steal and then drive other passengers around! Somehow I accidentally ended up in the back seat of one one day and the drivers asked where I wanted to go. Suddenly I'm powering through things!

      I don't think it was the actual driving in GTA4 that wasn't right, it was the environment I mean sure they captured the city feel but it was so boring because there was no diversity, I was the same started using taxis, I haven't had that problem with GTA5 if i'm ever bored there's always a ramp or ledge or something to keep me amused, GTA4s map was flat bland and boring I remember when I was playing it how much I missed older gta maps. Even other titles like Vice City were set mainly in urban streets but they just didn't feel that boring.

        yeah that could be what it is. I've found a couple of nice stunt ramps driving about, but you really have to look for them. They're not really obvious at a glance. I do find that some of the cars just handle terribly too. So hard to do handbrake turns without spinning out. I think perhaps it might have something to do with the lack of a wheelspin button too. Unless I missed it somewhere? I remember using that all the time in 3 to help get around corners and do quick u turns and stuff.

    I discovered by accident that you can ride on the side of those big SUVs like swat do, if you try and get in while standing between the front and back door you grab the roof rack and hold onto the side, turns a 4 seat car into a 6 people carrier.

    Lol awesome. Love this mythbusters stuff. I actually just uploaded mortal kombat in gta 5. Check it out if your keen for a laugh.

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