'Mormon Kombat' And Other Games We're Glad Don't Exist

As much as I like strange and unusual games, there are just some games I'm eternally thankful I don't have to play.

In the video above, from last night's premiere of The Pete Holmes Show, Pete shows off some of his favourite obscure (fictional) games.

Just thank your lucky stars none of those exist.

[Via The Pete Holmes Show]


    Nothing is funnier than laughing at, and applauding to, your own jokes.

      It's kind of one of Pete's jams.

    So THIS is where comedy goes to die......

    This segment is MUCH MUCH better on the podcast when he's just riffing them, it's one of the Weirdos favourite segment thingies.
    I am sad it didn't translate to the show.

    Dr Mario Gyno Edition, I'd buy that!

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