Multiplayer Isn’t So Massive Anymore

Bungie seems to have coined the term “shared world shooter” for their newest IP, Destiny, but the general concept might sound familiar. While not everyone may be a fan of huge MMOs, lots of people seem to be into multiplayer gaming and downsized, explorable worlds where you can play with a relative handful of other gamers seems to be the choice pick for developers.

Take the recent Grand Theft Auto Online, for instance. Both Destiny and GTAO share qualities with MMOs — the massive world, the ample quantity of quests and activities — but they’re inherently different experiences when shaved down to their smaller statures. Take a look at the video above to see more of what I mean.

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  • Funny how the reason why competitive multiplayer has been dying is because of the extremely negative behaviour that started with Halo 2 (technically it started with Counterstrike, but that mainly stayed on PC).

      • I didn’t say the game killed it, I’m saying that the eventual negative cesspool it evolved into killed it.

          • Both pretty much. I’m finding that most people are just tired of it. Now moving onto co-op games like Payday or Borderlands. Why sit in a game for 10 minutes getting spawncamped and teabagged when you can go off and have fun?

          • I’d agree that co-op has become WAY more prolific. Once upon a time I preferred to play my single player games completely alone. Nowadays is a game lacks co-op it’s a real disappointment. I even played all 3 gears games in co-op. Co-op for me is where it’s at.

            Side note, most people party chat on competitive games these days. But a few months ago I braved Halo matchmaking alone in game chat, and it was an incredibly pleasant experience. I made a new good friend. Maybe I should try it again, see how I go.

          • I think thats the reason im in a console LAN club, i enjoy the competitive nature team work mixed in with the social aspect….and theres no trash talking but rather support and comradeship.

  • I heared the term ‘Mingleplayer’ to refer to the intergration of multiplayer elements in single player campaigns.

    Think Dark Souls, Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Crew, Need For Speed, The Division & to some extent Titanfall.

    I wanted to drown the person who said it….

  • So it’s basically just like normal multiplayer but with a bigger game world instead of small individual maps?

  • I can’t believe Planetside 2 was not mentioned, and lumping GTA in there as a shared world shooter? Zero credibility this has… zero

  • Yeah, I’m caught between both at the moment.

    A former World of Warcraft player, I got used to the big MMO experience and honestly loved it. It was how I played online for over half a decade.

    Coming back onto Console, it’s a bit of a let down to have the social experience so muted with the current generation.

    I have been recently experiencing the GTAO with friends which has been great, but the random sessions with other players has proven to be a less than positive experience.

    Sadly, most random players in the GTAO world are absolute dickheads, turning every single session into a random, driveby, shoot on site trolling event which positively ruins the experience.

    I now play in close crew sessions only to avoid moronic behaviour like that and strongly prefer it.

    That said, I’m very eager for Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One which will once again return the MMO experience.

    I just love the social interaction with my gaming, the scale isn’t necessarily the be all and end all, but we’re yet to see a real, large scale, stable MMO on the console platform.

    Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn seems to be the first major on PS3. I’m keen to see it take off and establish a foothold to encourage other developers to follow suit next gen too.

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