Yup, Your Dog Will Totally Play Fetch With A Grenade In GTA V

Here's round two of DefendTheHouse's GTA Mythbusting series, where they test out stuff like, will your dog fetch grenades? Will you piss people off by stalking them?

The answer to both of these is hilarious — and they're not the only myths tested out here, either. The attention to detail in these games, man!

Here's the first round of myths, in case you're curious.


    Totally not posted here yesterday by Mark...

      In fairness to Patricia, Kotaku AU articles don't usually get posted to the US site so the redundancy is just because Mark had the audacity to post some content of his own volition instead of waiting for the US site to get onto it.

        Yeah, damn Mark for having the audacity to post his own content! :P

        That may be true, but the US content is supposedly curated before being put up on the AU site, so it's kind of weird that these double ups happen. Unless there is an automated system that selects content based on certain identifiers rather than having someone tick a box to say it should show on the AU site.

          As I understand it Allure has a very limited power of veto and a kind of cap on what articles that can choose to screen. The occasional double-up is probably not worth starting a fight over.

    Answered yesterdays question. Cheers for that. I don't watch YouTube vids on my phone. 1.5gigs barely lasts me a month. Stupid phone

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