New GTA V Patch Claims To Fix Missing Vehicles, Many Other Problems

New GTA V Patch Claims to Fix Missing Vehicles, Many Other Problems

The latest title update for Grand Theft Auto V goes up today and it's supposed to do away with one of the game's most annoying bugs. Hopefully, players won't have to worry about cars and other vehicles disappearing from garages.

Here's the list of issues that Rockstar says should be resolved with the new update:

  • Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss of vehicle mods
  • Fixes an issue where the incorrect car is replaced when choosing to replace a car in a full garage
  • Fixes an exploit allowing players to sell the same vehicle multiple times
  • Fixes an issue that caused personal vehicles to be duplicated
  • Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house
  • Fixes an issue where players were not getting Crew invites in-game
  • Fixes an issue where the starting point for the tutorial race was not appearing
  • Fixes issues with joining Jobs from within a player-owned garage
  • Fixes issues with players getting stuck while using playlists
  • Fixes additional issues causing black screens, long load times, and players getting stuck in the sky cam
  • Adds details in the UI to clarify that characters created while Rockstar cloud is unavailable are temporary (non-saved)
  • Adds changes to the character creator to make better-looking default characters with the "random" option
  • Players now only lose a maximum of 500 GTA$ upon death in Freemode

This is presumably the update that preps for the in-game cash infusion that Rockstar's giving players to apologise for GTA Online's troubled launch. That $US500,000 should be hitting soon. If you get a lot richer inside the multiplayer version of Los Santos, let us know.


    While I'm happy with the decrease in the amount of money you lose per death, Rockstar have also cut the payouts for missions in half, if you have previously completed them.

    Last edited 19/10/13 11:10 am

    Since the update my game has screwed up more times than before.

    Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house

    Nooooo! Not having to pay bills is a feature not an issue! :P

    Glad to see they are focusing on bugs for people who can play rather than getting all of us online :(

    Since patch 1.02 I've been able to play online but can't connect to cloud servers to save (bawsaq and any other social club related features don't work) and following this 1.04 patch I still can't connect to the cloud servers.

    I've tried DMZ, Port Forwarding, reinstalling, retrying etc. nothing works. I'm guessing they cbf trying to fix this issue for the small percentage of people who get it, so guess my dream of playing gtao is over.

      Have you tried making a new character? That sounds like the kind of issues they were suggesting creating a new character for in the early days

        I don't actually have a 'character' because I get the message that the cloud servers are down before I even go into character creation. So any characters I've created so far are never saved.

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?

      Last edited 21/10/13 7:56 pm

    Not gonna lie, Online sure got boring a lot faster than I thought it would. I think any future time I spend on this game will be exclusively single player.

    Oh, hey, can I get my player booklet and the Android app yet? No? Oh, ok then.

    These guys made a billion dollars in the first 3 days after launch and they can't get shit sorted? Uncool, man.

    Damn, it sounds like the car garage bug might've still been there when I saved last ... I guess my chrome car is gone :\

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