New Transformers Are Less Annoying With Bad Engrish

Yes, this is based on the Michael Bay Transformers. So there are silly sharp robot designs and stupid humans. But, relative to those handicaps, this shooter still looks like a blast.

By Sega, it's called Transformers Human Alliance. It's an old-fashioned arcade on-rails shooter, but again, relative to that genre, it's looking impressive and sounding heavy.

The highlights, though, are the Engrish voice actors. I guess the Decepticons really would be good at extreme sports, now that you mention it.

I mean "arcade" literally, too; this is an arcade cabinet, not a home game. Note though it's currently in testing, so it may never actually make it to an arcade near you.

Sega Shows Off First Footage of Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade [Arcade Heroes]


    Still cant make out ANY detail on the robots... Visual diarrhea

      They look like a person with magnetic skin went rolling around in a junk yard.

    looks like a bunch of crap on screen that you button mash against - no real skill required

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