New Wii U Bundle Includes Mario And Luigi Pack-In, Not Nintendo Land

New Wii U Bundle Includes Mario And Luigi Pack-In, Not Nintendo Land

When the Wii U launched, Nintendo Land was the game that came with the system’s Deluxe Set configuration. The collection of themed games seemed like the best bet to recapture the masses who latched onto Wii Sports with Nintendo’s last-gen Wii system. But now Nintendo’s hoping that Mario & Luigi will do the trick in a new Wii U Deluxe Set bundle.

Starting November 1, it will be New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U — both on one disc — that come with the price-slashed 32 GB Wii U Deluxe. From today’s release:

The new configuration will sell at the low suggested retail price of $US299.99, and replaces the existing Wii U Deluxe Set, which included Nintendo Land. For fans who want to experience the uproarious fun of Nintendo Land, the game can still be purchased separately in stores and as a download in the Nintendo eShop at a new low suggested retail price of $US29.99, also beginning Nov. 1.

Those are good games to be sure but part of me thinks it’s the Cat Mario title that will really get folks excited.


    • About as much as Super Mario Bros and The Lost Levels (if you were forced to play as Luigi only) are the same game.

      • So, yeah…basically the same. 🙂
        By today’s standards Luigi U would be considered DLC. But Nintendo operates in an alternate universe.

        • Luigi U is DLC 😛 They just offer an opportunity to buy it retail as well, which works great for me because I want nothing to do with digital purchases.

          It’s essentially a whole new game though. Handles and plays very differently, and it’s a whole new set of levels.

    • The overworld is the same, but the rest of the game has been reworked. It is DLC for NSMBU, but released as a standalone title as well for those who want it that way.

      You play as Luigi with different jump and movement mechanics, (higher jump and no longer able to turn on a dime).

      The levels have all been changed to be shorter and harder, with a 100 sec time limit.

      Super Luigi U is all about speedrunning through levels, made harder by the increased difficulty and Luigi’s slippery run mechanics.

  • I checked last night and EB havebit down as $428. This is a bundle I can see myself picking up though, just would need to shop around for a cheaper price next year after I’ve worn in my PS4

  • I picked up The console for ~$220 during the DSE 50% off sale, along with Mario U for $35. If they had stock of Luigi U, it’d be another $30. All up, under $300, so you can and will get it at this price.

  • IF this is $300 at Xmas in Australia I may end up with one for Xmas. If not though it will be the only Nintendo console since SNes that I did not get on launch day or within about a year. Though I have a feeling the $300 will be USA only.

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