New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer Brings All The Time Travel Feels

Man, I wasn't expecting all this emotion in the clip for the upcoming X-Men prequel/sequel movie. And where are the damn Sentinels?

Along with a bunch of other folks who've played X-Men on-screen in past movies, we get glimpses of new characters like Bishop and Blink too. Despite loving the Chris Claremont/John Byrne storyline that this film gets its name from, I wasn't caring about this film at all. But this awesome trailer certainly has my attention.


    Music: Sunshine - John Murphy (Adagio in D minor) . You're welcome.

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      cheers mate, been looking for it.

      Well if you dont know the song, I recommend you go watch a pretty amazing film responsible for it

    The annoying thing for me as a fan of the story that the name came from, is that you can see by the trailer that this movie will have very little to do with that storyline and will mostly be a bridging movie between First Class and the early X-Men films. At most we might get 20-30 minutes in the Sentinel run future world, and the rest of the film will be spent in the.... 70s? (I'm not good with era clothing) making a young Professor X believe in a world where mutants get along with humans again. That in itself makes no sense since at at the end of First Class he was still determined to help mutants.

      Exactly what i thought, seems like it's going to be a butchered version of the original dofp storyline, shoehorned into being a 'first class' sequel, with some sentinels thrown in because they felt guilty about leaving them out of all the other films.

      I also don't get how suddenly Xavier is going to change from wanting to help mutants (in fc) to not giving a stuff (in this), particularly because he's pretty much ALWAYS been the one who gives a stuff, even when everyone else doesn't or is being a dick about it (see: cyclops).

    If I'm going to see a movie and I'm already excited for it, I will not watch the trailer. Too many trailers are like mini versions of the movie, they reveal the basic setup and plot and they show you the locations and situations of the biggest action scenes. At that point, the only reason you go to see the actual movie is to fill in the blanks.

      Not to mention there's not just one, there's teasers, teasers for the movie, teasers for the characters, hell there's even teasers for the damn trailers!

      If you edit them all together you wouldn't be left with that many blanks to fill.

        Wolverine is a good example. From the trailers I learned that he was a wandering vagrant causing trouble and a young asian lady asks Logan to come with her and he finds out her master wants to make him mortal. He obviously accepts. There was going to be a fight at a funeal, on top of a train, in a snowy Japanese town and finally he'd face the silver samurai in some kind of laboratory. Literally nothing caught me by surprise in that film.

    man, i was looking forward to having kitty pryde as the main character. more wolverine nonsense.. i'm sick of him.

      I'm still waiting for the day when we get a REAL wolverine, not some 6ft tap dancer.

      Nothing against Hugh as a person/actor, I just don't see him as wolverine. Wolvie is supposed to be angry, jaded, abrasive, violent etc and I don't think hugh can really pull that off. Someone like Joaquin Phoenix would be awesome, or even Kurt Russell as an older version. Someone that can really bring out the troubled/tortured soul in the character.

        i kind of want an entire movie based off of wolverines cameo in first class, that was the truest its been to his character....

          Ha yea, gruff and unapproachable!

          I wouldn't mind some BLOOD, i mean c'mon he has 6 massive knives sticking out of his hands and he is constantly stabbing people with them, yet no blood anywhere?

          It would certainly add more weight to his character having to go through all that violence and gore, and having the audience understand how gruesome it is, especially when he just wants to be left alone. It would add a lot more seriousness to it, but definitely push it into R rated territory which means less kiddies going to see it and therefore less $$$.

            i should read before i type, i was gonna talk about how there would never be an MA or R rated wolverine, but you said it in your comment, hahaha.

    This is being directed by Bryan Singer, so I know it'll be good and not like that trash third movie.

    Everyone look 24 seconds into the clip - is that girl...Ellie from The Last of Us? O_O

    I watched it and just thought 'meh'.

      Yah, not sure about it being emotional. Because it has emotional music and people crying?

    I'm pumped. I've loved all the X-Men films, even the spin offs, and I thought that First Class was really First Class. I didn't think there could be a better Magneto, but it was really well done.

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