Next-Gen Football Looks Like This

I'm not really sure what to make of this new next-gen Madden 25 footage, released by EA today. It looks OK, but this isn't exactly how I imagined "next-gen" gameplay would look. And it's not nearly as mind-blowing as next-gen NBA 2K14. Doesn't help that they're just focusing on linemen, and we can't actually see catching or throwing animations.

Let me know, football fans — what do you think?


    It's been a while since I've actually tried a Madden game, but the player animation and the amount of it going on looks pretty darn impressive to me.

    No madden for me since 96 - might be time to jump back in with the next gen.

    It looks pretty good, but so does Madden 25 on the 360. If they are correct with the 4x more calculations per second, and that leads to better gameplay, then that is much much much more interesting than extra shine on helmets. Surely, Jason Schreier, you aren't only judging this on aesthetics alone?

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