Nintendo 2DS: A Video Guide

Meet the Nintendo 2DS, the 3DS's kid-friendly little brother. It plays 3DS games, but it looks and feels totally different.

Check out our video guide for a closer look at the latest member of the DS family, which is surprisingly comfortable, although I do wish it kept the clam-shell design. You can also see how it compares to the 3DS and 3DS XL, and, starting at around 7:00, you can see whether or not it fits in our pockets:

Be sure to watch until the very end.


    Surprised to see Super Mario 3D Land in the 2DS.

    Of all the 3DS games available you go with SM3DL? It's one of the few games that actually require the 3D Mode to complete a number of puzzles based on perspective.

    Honestly though, cannot believe you would demo such a 3D reliant game on the 2DS. What is this?! For anyone who purchases a 2DS I would advise you stick to games like the latest Pokémon, and just about anything but Super Mario 3D Land. Like seriously, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 7 - go for it, just not SM3DL. Of course SM3DL is still good in 2D, but one of the few games that needs to be experienced with a bit of 3D every now and then.

    Slightly off-topic, SM3DL is still my favourite 3DS title. I feel it justifies 3D with many of its game environments.

      Champ, you really need to get over yourself. The game is perfectly playable in 2D, like every other game on the console, so don't presume to advise me on what I should and shouldn't play on my console based on such stupid reasoning.

        I just found it frustrating to watch considering SM3DL was the first game (by Nintendo) built ground-up with 3D in mind. Before this the 3DS only had games including the feature rather than revolving around it entirely.

        (A more recent example of what I was talking about in my previous comment: )

        But hey, maybe that’s why Kotaku was using SM3DL in this video? One of the best 3D games on the 3DS, and seeing how it holds up when put to the test on the 2DS.

        Last edited 26/10/13 6:03 pm

      Nintendo made it a requirement that every 3ds game was fully playable in 2d ... do some research.

    I just bought one a week ago, definitely feels and looks better. I thought I would be disappointed with the screen size because I had a 3DS XL before but actually the games look more natural (almost 150% less jagged lines) on the smaller screens. The 3D never really worked for me, like it would if I sat staring at it on a locked angle, but I squirm around too much when I play games for a long period of time and eventually got over it. I honestly think the 2DS was a good idea and a solid alternative for people who just want to play Pokemon, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. or Zelda games, games where you don't need the 3D experience but rather a huge campaign that doesn't abuse the 3D.

    Last edited 26/10/13 12:38 pm

      I really don't understand this whole 'it's for kids' angle that keeps getting pushed by everyone. It's a cheaper 3DS without its most pointless feature, that sounds like a product for discerning customers who have been holding off buying one until a killer app (new pokemon) and a price drop (2DS).

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