Watch Everything From Today's Nintendo Direct Right Here

A new Kirby game, clones of Mario running amok in Super Mario 3D World and the return of Sega's super-fast hedgehog to the Smash Bros. fighting franchise... and that's only some of the news Nintendo doled out today. Let's relive all of the magic.

You can see all of the announcements and previews from today's Nintendo Direct in the video above. What upcoming game are you most jazzed about? Anything you wanted to hear about that wasn't discussed?


    The bullet points from the European Direct last night (some cross-over with US)
    -Sonic in Smash Bros.
    -Ace Attorney late this month
    -3DS Zelda later this year with a fair sum of nostalgia characters
    -DKCR Tropical Freeze likely delayed
    -Kirby platformer on 3DS
    -DLC for Pikmin 3 and a clearer wold ranking update

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