No, Terrible People, It Is Not Funny To Ruin A Kid's Minecraft Game

No, Terrible People, It Is Not Funny To Ruin A Kid's Minecraft Game

I don't play Minecraft, my kids don't play Minecraft, and I'm not an arsehole, so the practice of people trolling children in the game then making a spectacle of it isn't something I was aware of. Now that I am, ugh.

So, yeah, it's a thing for people to jump into Minecraft games and ruin a child's world, kill them and take their stuff. Make kids upset, make 'em cry. Then film it and put it on YouTube.

What the hell is wrong with these people.

It's one thing to troll a game populated by adults. You'd hope an adult at least had the faculties to deal with it.

But purposefully going after kids? Gaining pleasure from making a child, no matter how annoying you think they're being, upset? Then immortalising it?

You're not funny. You're not clever. You're a bully.

This video, by Video Games, has over three million views on YouTube. This one, by AfterMathGameVideos, has over six million. A search on the service for other instances of people trolling kids will net you a flood of results. Most from channels with ads, many with surprisingly high view counts.

In other words, there is a cottage industry built around this. People making some money over footage of them making kids cry.

Yeah, you could say trolling happens everywhere, in most games. And you'd be right! You could also say the scale of Minecraft's success means there's going to be a disproportionate amount of trolling going on. Again, you'd be right! But that doesn't make it OK. In fact, the size of the game's playerbase, and high number of children playing, only makes that worse, because instead of a handful of kids getting bullied by an online encounter there will be hundreds/thousands/probably more.

If you're a parent, you might want to keep a closer eye (or ear) on your kids while playing Minecraft. If you're a kid, sorry I said "shit" up there. And if you're the kind of person who actually enjoys this kind of stuff, oh boy. You're hardly going to modify your behaviour based on a post like this, I know, but do be aware that karma is a bitch, and it shows little mercy on those who think making fun of children is a funny thing to do.

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    This is why game dev's should always design games for offline content for kids and as for the jerk who's trolling the kids grow the f**k up and get a job. Maybe your boss will troll you. I hope.

      Many games including Minecraft have an offline mode called 'single-player' that you can play by yourself. If you don't have the required knowledge to post these things, then I suggest you to do some research done before you comment.

    I'm pretty sure those two are related. Based on the fact they call each other by their real names and that he only trolls one person in all his videos. So his parents would probably be aware of his behaviour.

      The kid refers to him by his screen name the whole time. And there are other videos where he trolls other kids too, so it's not just the one.

      Edited: sorry, was referring to the second video. The first one they do seem related, yeah.

      Last edited 11/10/13 2:02 pm

        He calls him Jayden, the kids screename is saltine

          I'd edited my comment before your reply was approved, but yes, my apologies, the first video does seem to be related, but the second one isn't.

    Sure it is.

    I laughed at those videos, hence, it is funny.

    Minecraft can be seen as a child's game but also many mature gamers want to enjoy it too. Can't speak for the people in these videos though... However a main problem I find especially on servers is children coming on and complaining about needing diamonds and that they are the best and what not. There is nothing more annoying than a 12 year old chasing you through a mineshaft and mining all the ores then jumping into lava or dying by a mob. I believe the kid in the second video stole some guys diamonds as well... That's my rant so yeah.

    SettledownLuke. Settle down mate. It's a vidya (game).

      i have friends who do this, although it's probably different. They enter some sort of request command into a twitch feed of a young user and play all sorts of bizarre music like Lil b to see their confusion. I found it creepy and distasteful. My brother is 11 and spends almost every afternoon on pvp servers for minecraft. Lately i've been encouraging him to play VII on vita or Terraria with me on teamspeak. Been here 12 months and skype conferences lag my ARMA 3 into oblivion. Pretty sure i'll show him this article and ask his opinion. This is probably more American or xbox related if anything. First one is staged, second one is painfully boring.

    This stuff is the online equivalent of an adult going into a playground and bullying the kids there. It's pathetic, bordering on sociopathic. Kids that age don't have the experience or maturity to deal with harassment at that level. If you get your jollies either doing this or watching it, it might be a good idea to seek help.

    I see no issues in the second one. As explained in the second video, this was a revenge troll for the kid being an ass. I see this as the equivalent of a parent stepping in to teach another kid a lesson, which rarely happens in the real world.

    Plus have you seen some of these younger kids in public worlds? Constantly wanting things off people for nothing, bitching and crying over the mic all the time, not respecting other players at all. Some of these little "angels" deserve to be trolled.

      AHHHH! NO!!!




      What lesson? I'm not going to get on a moral high horse over this because I do find it funny, but it's more like seeing a random kid being a dick in the park and punching it in the face. They aren't teaching them anything, they aren't resolving anything, it's not justified. Even the people making these videos aren't insisting they're doing it for any deeper reason than it's funny.

      Constantly wanting things off people for nothing, bitching and crying over the mic all the time, not respecting other players at all.

      In other words, acting like kids? When kids show up in games being annoying you put them on your ignore list like a rational adult. Acting like a kid yourself isn't helping anything.

    My boy regularly has "bullies" jump on his minecraft server of choice and carry on like a bunch of pricks. His admin is a cool guy and keeps a number of saved states of their world, so it's not a huge issue from a game perspective, but you do have to wonder what it does to the more sensitive types. Abuse of any sort can be damaging to people susceptible to it, so I agree that parents really need to pay attention to what's going on in-game if these dickheads are lurking around.

      While it's reprehensible and unjustifiable, when you mentioned the sensitive types, I do wonder... maybe, hopefully, they have a parent nearby to put it in context, and it hardens them up.

      'A parent nearby to put it in context' is really the key phrase, though. And it highlights how important parental supervision is of young children using the Internet. In any way.

        Parental supervision is key. You don't have to watch over their shoulder 24/7, but take an interest and help out where you can. There are so many people out there who use it as a babysitting tool and ignore the greater implications of an online lifestyle for their children.

    If your going to cry over ingame food your clearly too immature to be on the internet in the firstplace. also I call fake.

    Wow Luke! These two are obviously related, brothers or maybe cousins. Are you an only child with no younger cousins? Everyone tortured their siblings when they were growing up. It's like a brotherly rite of passage.

    You need to calm the heck down mate.

      Did you watch the second video? Luke isn't commenting on an isolated incident, these types of videos are all over Youtube, and most of them are like the second video, not the first one.

    It's always more fun when it's not you that's getting picked on.

    If the kid is a vulgar little shit claiming he f*cked your mum and you're a peice of sh*t he deserves to be trolled into oblivion until he cries.

    If not, and you're the one picking the fight. leave him alone its bullying.

      Right? Seems fair.. Especially when a lot of it is like.. eating virtual beef..

      You realise there are kids who are starving to death in REAL life, right?

      Last edited 11/10/13 10:53 am

    The only minecraft trolling i enjoy is either:

    A: The server owner is a douche/ idiot
    B: Little kid being a prick abusing people

    Anything else is just bullying.

    judging by the videos and the article tag these are on the XBOX, what were you expecting exactly? There's a reason why the XBOX community is famous for being filled with asshats. It's because it's true.

    Although I'm against bullying I feel the first two are between brothers. Secondly if that kids crying over such small things like that I don't know. Maybe he shouldn't be playing the game in general.

    The screaming little kid is obviously way too young and/or immature to be allowed to play online games.

      He may well be, and there may well be something to say about parental supervision, but the fact is the kid is playing online games, and doesn't seem to be supervised. That doesn't justify trolling him, any more than noticing that someone left their front door open justifies going in and setting their house on fire.

        So you're saying I shouldn't have set my neighbour's house on fire?

          Well no, your neighbour is a dick. But in general, nah ;)

    There are factual evidences available to support the following:

    Rarecraft is small group full of corrupted administrators who are currently abusing power and mistreating so many innocent victims everyday, without the moral principles for the well-being of everybody. They are permitted with powers handed down from the very owner of the site to continue to repeatedly carrying out much proven guilty misconducts.

    Rarecraft is never to be deserving any donation from anyone.

    Rarecraft must be bring down as soon as possible to stop the corruption starting at the very top of management, and ceases the misconducts from every staff to continue to repeatedly abuse of power and authority to publicly humiliate and causing misery to everyone.

    Nothing like the anonymity of the internet to bring all the gutless wonders out.

    The good old days doing this in Halo and Runescape.
    But srs, the kid got off lucky.

    Really? Look, this is part of the game. It's kind of like getting mad at Call of Duty multiplayer because some people post videos of killing people and taking their ammo.

    Honestly, I see barely any trolling in the first video. Most of it is just the kid being an annoying hypocrite. I understand it's a kid's game, and trolling kids to the extreme is bad, but my opinion is if you can't trust your kid or if you think your kid isn't mature enough to handle an online community, then you shouldn't let your kids on the online community. This kid's parents are perfectly capable of monitoring (him?) or at least saying he can't go online in the game (you can play single player) and making sure he follows that rule. I say parent's fault.

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