Now Nvidia's Shield Is A Set-Top PC Game Streaming Machine

Now Nvidia's Shield Is A Set-Top PC Game Streaming Machine

Starting today, Nvidia's Shield Android gaming console adds the ability to stream gameplay from a gaming PC to your television set. It's incredibly cool. Want to see?

The coolest feature of the Nvidia Shield Android gaming handheld was the ability to stream PC gameplay directly to the handheld from any gaming rig equipped with a GeForce GTX 650 or better. With today's official launch of GameStream (the fancy, out-of-beta name for the feature), Nvidia adds console mode, allowing gamers to stream PC games through the Shield to their television set at 720p, 60 frames per second.

Here's a quick and dirty look at the feature in action, emphasis on the dirty. I promise to clean it, I swear.

Note the game I am playing is Batman: Arkham Origins, released just days ago and already supported. I've played it on my living room TV, my office TV, and directly off the Shield screen over the past couple of days. It's been quite liberating.

The feature works flawlessly over the right router — you'll want something in a dual-band — and Nvidia has plans to eventually support USB network dongles for the Shield, enabling full 1080P streaming via wired connection.

The Nvidia Shield is still pricey at $US299, but the company is celebrating the launch of GameStream with a couple of special video card bundle dealios.

Now Nvidia's Shield Is A Set-Top PC Game Streaming Machine

Oh, and today also sees the release of a control mapper for Android games that wouldn't normally support a game pad.

Now Nvidia's Shield Is A Set-Top PC Game Streaming Machine

But mainly today is about the Shield becoming a set-top PC streaming machine. With the right apps installed, the new functionality makes the Shield all the living room PC I need. Very cool.


    Still unavailable in Australia though. Why did you go and make me excited for this thing when they won't take my money?

      Agreed. What about shipping in? This states only isn't it? With the special voltage crap and stuff? Unless we can play it here in Australia I don't want to know about it.

      Edit: I know we can. Just not worth so much of the effort.

      Last edited 29/10/13 9:47 am

      I went to give them my money and they said "NO!"

      If you really wanted one, importing is an option. It's not as if they are region locked or anything.

      But you're right, it's pretty stupid that there's no plans for a local release down here. I'd seriously consider it if there was.

      Last edited 29/10/13 9:49 am

        Actually I just found that are selling them for $400. Which takes the hassle out of finding someone to ship one to Australia for me. Should I do it, $400 is no small amount...

        Last edited 29/10/13 10:42 am

          Think Geek do it cheaper. ^_^

            TG is at 300, shipping + conversion, it's also not shipped outside of the US (as per the page says)

            A search on google brings up a few results and Static Ice


            Last edited 29/10/13 11:16 am

    60hz you say, pity about us in 50hz land.

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