Nuclear Throne Is Like An 8-Bit Borderlands

Not only did Vlambeer make another great shoot-em-up, they're also live-streaming the game's development twice a week while the game is in early access. Check out the gameplay above and learn the meaning of "explosive revenge".

The team is streaming development twice a week on their twitch channel, and you can find more details on their site. The game is available via Steam early access right now, and it's coming to PS4 and Vita when it's finally finished.

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    Steve Marinconz's voice is like warm butter. Delicious.

    This game is pretty cool, but fast gets really difficult. Good challenge, still good fun.

    I bought it after viewing an almost identical post on here, 3 days ago. Maybe, stop posting each other's stuff :P

    Last edited 23/10/13 10:50 pm

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