Of Course There Is A Connect 4 Game Designed For The iPhone 5C Case!

And now every developer in the world is currently saying, "why didn't I think of that!"

When I first saw the case for the iPhone 5C I thought, 'why?' Then, when I saw it in the flesh I though, "oh that looks nice. But why?"

Now I have an answer to that question. Connect 4. Growing up I loved Connect 4. I still love Connect 4. This clever little app takes advantage of the iPhone 5C's case to create a makeshift Connect 4 board. GENIUS. You can buy it here.

It started out as a joke on Twitter by Australian iOS developer Stuart Hall, then it became a real thing after he teamed up with fellow Aussie dev Dave McKinney. Now it's a very real thing that you can buy and play. Brilliant.

Via Gizmodo


    Clever, but a 5x5 Connect 4 board is way too small.

    As much of an Android enthusiast as I am, THAT is cool.

    It looks like you'd be better off putting the case on rotated by 180º though? The screen is much closer to the edge on the side without the button, I guess the size could possibly be out but it looks like it'd net you an extra column to use.

    Finally! Do you know how impossible it is to play Connect 4 using virtual controls? It's like trying to draw a straight line while riding a paint mixer. Let's hope more developers start implementing against the standardised Connect 4 controller API.

    Seriously though, Australian ingenuity for the win.

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