Of Course This Wonky Game Featuring A Sloppy Drunk Dude Is On PC

With a title like Day One: Garry's Incident you might be mistaken into thinking Garry had a small traffic accident, or maybe grazed his knee. But, no, Garry does nothing in half measures. He's only gone and crashed his aeroplane through a strange rift.

The mix of first person shooting, survival and crafting might as well be its own genre now. Though Day One: Garry's Incident brings its own undeniable charm with the main character being an alcoholic slob. He's got his work cut out for him, stuck in a strange jungle, with rather perturbed monkeys at every step. It's not an easy life for Garry, though he really shouldn't take to drinking to cope, the poor chap.

Music Credits: Jahzzar, Kevin MacLeod.


    The game is absolute garbage. Like 'Revelations 2012' levels of bad. Avoid at all costs.

    The spelling of Garry keeps making me think it's some sort of Garry's mod crossover. Also, does he have a mouth in his chest or something? Or does he think a "Hip" flask means a flask that your hips can drink from?

    the video kinda admits that the game is wonky and unpolished though

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