Oh Hi, PlayStation Vita Version Of Fez.


    Call yourself a journalist Luke? Maybe write something next time, it's far more interesting for the reader that way.

    Ya know Luke, you might cop less flak on this site if you managed a paragraph to go with your story, just sayin'

    This isn't Twitter Luke.

    Man fish is a spastic. First he says it wont go good on 3ds (the best selling console) then releases it on Vita. DOUCH. BAG.

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      possibly because: the game wouldn't suit dual screens, nintendo are as bad to deal with as microsoft for indies, he specced it out and the 3ds couldn't handle it, probably all of the above

        Cant handle it? -_- as for indie games nintendo have been reaching out to indies even for the wiiu giving them Dev kits.

          Who'd guess the 3DS couldn't handle a game designed for the 360, shocking, most unbelievable.

          They have said some things about wanting indies for the Wii U but I still haven't seen any major indie announcements from devs who didn't already release on a Nintendo platform, so when it becomes more than lip service maybe I will believe, that was still for the Wii U and only so they could try and keep pace with Sony and MS, nothing about the 3DS.

            3ds would handle it other wise mr. Out spoken would have said: "the 3ds is crap and weak i hate it". My point is it isnt a demanding game

      You may have missed this, but Indies are going gangbusters on the Vita for reasons I don't fully understand.

    No speakers at work means I can't watch videos. Maybe writing something (anything) with the article would be a good idea?

    thanks for sharing luke, can't wait to play on my VITA

    My thought as soon as I glanced at this post: "Somebody's going to complain about Luke Plunkett's lack of content." and "Somebody's going to complain about Phil Fish being an asshole."

    You just have to accept people for who they are and what they can offer. Luke posts tiny nibble-sized commented pictures. Phil Fish says (said?) dumb inflammatory things. I'm not angry at the dog that barks and scares me as I pass by it's fence - that's just the nature of the dog. I applaud the dog, because it is being true to it's nature. Be at peace with the universe and let it trouble your mind no more. :P

    Do you know his name is really Jacques Paul Philippe Poisson? Pretty cool name. Not as catchy as Phil Fish I guess, which kind of has that superhero name alliteration going on.

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      I like you Puck.

      Seems like Phil's openness and his brittle, fragile personality scares a lot of the little boys on the internet who in their hearts fear that they might be like him. So they lash out and get cross rather than accepting him and embracing him as a human being with flaws and quirks.
      And most of them won't ever do anything as astonishing as, you know, making one of the finest video games of all time.

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        Thanks Jem, that's very nice of you to say! :D

        I just made my first game this year. It took 7 months, and it is the most simple, pared down mobile puzzle game you can imagine. The level of stress that I went through making it was crazy. It took it's toll on my family, my finances and my health. At at the end of it all I got what a very simple, good but not great, pretty generic puzzle game. Making a game is really hard.

        I could not even fathom going through 5 years of that and more, and still managing to produce such an amazing game. The level of dedication required is immense, and it takes a special kind of personally to weather that and still deliver.

        I really miss Phil's snarky comments and defensive rants, they were so interesting.

        Also, on topic: I'll be picking up Fez on Vita, to play in bed so my brain can work on it's conundrums while I sleep.

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        I don't disagree with what most of what you said, but one of the finest games of all time? Not even close.

        Though I suppose opinions do vary. Carry on.

          Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, just like grown-ups!

            I agree with you, Jem, and you, Puck. I've defended Fish here before way more passionately and succinctly, but I'll summarize it thusly - if you enjoyed Fez, but hate Fish, then fuck off. The games wouldn't be what it is without Fis being the person that he is. I love Fez, and therefore, I don't care what kind of person Fish is.
            He made Fez. That's all that should matter.

              Mad typos in that one. Just had to point it out before someone invalidates my viewpoint because I worked ten hours today.

      Fish i totally get but doesn't this ideology kind of remove any form of responsibility people may have in their choices. I mean, last time someone was told to just do what they feel like no one double-bolted James Brown's stage.

    Neat, got Hotline Miama on Vita last night for only a few dollars with PS+ and am really enjoying it, think I can get into this indie-hits-on-Vita thing :D

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