Oh, Look, It's Raining Steam Games Again

Oh Look, It's Raining Steam Games Again

It's been a productive three weeks for Steam's Greenlight — not as preposterously productive as last time, but still quite productive. This time, we have 57 freshly community-approved titles to examine, which should all hopefully arrive on Steam sometimes in the near future. Let's dig in, shall we?

Here's the freshest batch of approved titles, revealed yesterday. There are 32 in total.

These 25 titles were greenlit a few weeks ago, on September 18:

A lovely collection, but Eden Star stands out to me in particular. Can't wait to get my hands on that one. What about you folks?

32 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam] 25 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam]


    What's screen shot of? That looks sweet.

      I wanna know 2 ...

    Games getting Greenlit is great and all, but so far only a (relative) handful of them have actually been released. I'm curious as to whether this is because Valve has an allotment of Greenlit titles they release each week, or whether it's because "Greenlit" just means "When/if you finish the game, you have a guaranteed shelf space".

      More or less. Getting a "greenlight" just means that Valve has engaged the developer to negotiate digital publishing rights when/if it gets released.

      The actual release schedule is still up to the developers. Getting Greenlit just means that when the developer is ready to release the game that they can sell it on Steam.

      83 of 206 at the moment is not a bad strike-rate.

    some of these are actually available to download direct from the developers now. Nihilumbra, for example. (which is a pretty cool Limbo-style puzzle-platformer.)

    Higurashi is going to be on steam?! I just finished the anime and would love to try the original source.

      They are even talking about retranslating it as the existing game/VN translation is not fantastic. I am looking forward to it so much!

    Long Live the Queen looks interesting. Reminds me a lot of the Jumanji cartoon, an the episode where they had to keep going back in time to save someone from dying, and he'd die a new way after they'd save him from the last way he died.

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