Oh, So That's How The Wii Keeps Running

Oh, So That's How The Wii Keeps Running

Turns out every time you waggled a remote to play tennis or swing Link's sword, there was a Goomba pulling the strings. Who would've thought?

JUST KIDDING. This is actually a homemade case mod, designed by Kotaku reader lyberty5. Your Wii does not have a Goomba infestation.

"To pull off this mod I had to remove the disc drive and cut out parts of the inside of the case with a Dremel," lyberty5 tells us. "This was made possible by using a chip that allows to play games I own through SD cards."

Here's a video showing how he did it:


    I knew it. That's why I lose all the time..

    if only the cogs span with the disc drive...

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