Oh Wow, The Next Zelda Will Be Totally Different

No linear dungeon progression in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds — instead of getting items as you go through the world, you'll be able to buy items in one big shop and traverse between dungeons in an order of your choice, according to Nintendo.

Video above.

Bizarre, right? And fascinating. I can't wait to check it out. The next Zelda is out for 3DS on November 22, and it seems like one to watch out for.


    So basically its going the route of the first zelda... no set path, and keys and items can be used anywhere... i hope its not as dangerous as the first was, i remember using the only key i had left on a box instead of a door and i couldn't progress :(

    I wonder how this game will scale in terms of progression difficulty when any dungeon can be taken at anytime? wouldn't that fundamentally make the game easier and easier?

      That's my second concern, yeah.

      Also, a dungeon that would be hard first up could be stompable with some of the better tools straight off.

        I'm really hoping that they're done Metroidvainia-style - specifically, in the Metroid Prime flavour: You have to revisit each dungeon a few times with a few different tools; and each time you revisit, the whole thing gets an increase in difficulty.

      I'd be assuming it's something like the original zelda. You can go to any dungeon in any order, however you may need a certain item first. This will either make you want to find the first dungeon or make you grind for rupees to buy the items.

    Looks pretty nifty, but I wonder about the utility of it.

    Can you hire more than one tool at a time? If not, you might still find yourself limited with some of the more complex puzzles in later dungeons.

    If this enables earlier dungeons to be more complex, that sounds great - but if it's down to knowing which tool to hire before heading there, that might suck.

    I think I spotted Majora's Mask on the wall in that shop

      Indeed you did, bottom left when link first enters.

    I hope they do this well... I'm not a fan of having most tools available at the start. One of the things I love about LoZ is going through the first time and finding out what items you're about to get :(

      Spoilers: it's the bow, boomerang, bomb, hookshot, hammer, mirror shield etc

        Sometimes there's no hammer or hookshot or both. Sometimes there's a roc's feather/cape. It varies slightly each time. But mostly, I like to be surprised by which order I get the items.

    It kinda makes me feel a little unclean. I'm off for a scrub.

    "Transform the way you play Zelda"
    "offer a brand new gameplay experience"
    "oh wow, the next Zelda will be totally different"

    Am I the only one that thinks these descriptions are far too generous? So, you can get the hookshot and solve it's dungeon before the bow dungeon ...

    Last edited 02/10/13 10:56 am

      If done right, they could turn it basically into a Metroidvania. Which would be awesome.

      In fact, this might actually get me to finally plonk down the cash for a 3ds

    First time I've been interested in this...

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