Top StarCraft Player Leaves For League Of Legends

Top StarCraft Player Leaves For League Of Legends

Sad news for StarCraft fans, but great news for League of Legends fans. Lee “MarineKing” Jung Hoon, one of the most famous and iconic personalities of the StarCraft eSports scene is stepping away from space battles and entering League of Legends territory.

According to South Korean site Inven, he had several reasons to switch, one of them is a growing interest in MOBAs and another, more significant one that his performance wasn’t really good since StarCraft II‘s expansion Heart of the Swarm came out, introducing massive changes to multiplayer.

At least he won’t be leaving his team, shifting over to the newly-formed Prime League of Legends branch.

We’ll all miss MarineKing’s superb, trademark unit control (proof video below!) and lets hope he’ll be just as entertaining in LoL as he was in StarCraft.

Farewell MarineKingPrime [Inven, via TeamLiquid]
MarineKing’s micro – starcraft 2 [Lythis, YouTube]

Picture: sc2gifs


  • Simple truth is, LoL is doing everything right as a GAME, not as an esports but first and foremost a video game. Blizzard forgot this important notion with SC2. BW became an esports giant in Korea through natural means due to the game’s tight gameplay mechanics. By trying to control everything from the get go with SC2, the scene has more or less stagnated, especially in Korea.

  • the main reason is probably because marine king has been losing a lot of games recently. he is no longer top of his group

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