A Look At Mighty No. 9, The Mega Man-Inspired 3D Platformer

Here is the first early footage of Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man. It’s a “super-short, super-rough engine test” on the Unreal engine, and the final product may end up looking rather different according to today’s Kickstarter update.

The final day is nigh! [Kickstarter]


  • Wow that was far above what I was expecting. If that was a rough i can’t imagine the level of the final product

  • Nice, this is the style of graphics I was hoping for, but wasn’t expecting. The concept art for the project was in this style, but the ‘gameplay screenshots’ were in a much-worse almost anime style. This is good.

  • Looks great. Loved the 2D/3D style – makes me wish Chair would make a follow-up to Shadow Complex instead on the swipy infinity Blade nonsense. Fingers crossed Capcom doesn’t unleash a pack of rabid lawyers on this. My guess is they’ll get a sniff of the money they should have made with Megaman and try to recoup it by holding this game to ransom.

  • I’m so hanging for this. I really hope you can shoot faster then this and that bullets won’t expire in the air in the final version.

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