PC Game Capture And Streaming Built Right In

The latest version of Nvidia's Geforce Experience launches today, adding ShadowPlay game footage capture and streaming that uses the built-in video encoder on every GTX graphics chip to take the weight off of the CPU. Check out the Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay we capped with it over the weekend.


    How much? Launch details? etc?

      How Much: Free
      Launch Details: Out Now

      It will only work on the 600 and 700 series, it makes use of the on board h.264 video encoder.

      Available now, and free since it's part of the GeForce Experience software package: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/geforce-experience-1-7-launches-with-geforce-shadowplay

    Also I believe it's 600 series desktop GPU's an up

    so this is a light weight version of fraps that only works on modern nvidia cards... cool...
    i saw the video encoding process done by nvidia at CBIT a few years back which i thought was an impressive concept, but im waiting for the hercules recreation!

    Here are some performance comparisons stolen from the comments section of Reddit:

    Borderlands 2 - Maximum settings
    90 fps when not recording
    88-90 while recording
    47 fps with FRAPS
    Battlefield 3 - Ultra settings
    85 fps when not recording
    80 fps while recording
    65 fps with FRAPS
    Planetside 2 (test server with optimization update, empty warpgate) - Mostly low settings
    145 fps when not recording
    130 fps while recording
    68 fps with FRAPS
    Planetside 2 (test server with optimization update, empty warpgate) - Ultra preset
    66 fps when not recording
    61 fps while recording
    43 fps with FRAPS

    As you can see, this is quite a bit better than running FRAPS. The performance hit is minor enough that I'll be leaving it running all the time to quick-save any cool moments. Wish I had it before the Arkham Origins Deathstroke fight, that was badass.

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      To be fair, Fraps is known for its framerate hit. I'd be more interested in seeing a comparison with Dxtory, which is specifically designed to try to preserve framerate at the cost of CPU usage. But either way I suspect Nvidia's solution will be very competitive, onboard encoding is great. Just wish it had more options.

    Shadowplay is destroying Flash on my browser atm. Had to turn it off :-(

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