Photoshops Ruin Ellen Page's Video Game In The Best Ways

Photoshops Ruin Ellen Page's Video Game In The Best Ways

A game made by David Cage is not like most games. First of all, they might star folks like Ellen Page. And, second of all, they usually require you to do some surprising stuff — some of which hit the right notes, and some of which really miss the mark.

Because of that, it's kind of easy to make fun of Cage's games — and I say that as someone who is usually a fan of his work.

Enter the hilarious photoshops for his latest title, Beyond: Two Souls — like the one pictured above. I gotta admit, the first time I saw it floating around, I couldn't decide if I thought it was fake or not. It seemed outlandish in its crudeness, but then again, could I put anything above David Cage? I'm not sure.

Other photoshops are less plausible and more silly, gross or very NSFW. Fair warning! Poor Ellen Page...

(Context: you help deliver a baby in the game.)

Photoshops Ruin Ellen Page's Video Game In The Best Ways

(Via Julian Williams)

Not all silly-looking screenshots floating around are fake, of course...


    Love that third picture the person didn't even try to make it look realistic. David Cage needs to stop calling what he makes video games though and start referring to them as interactive movies.

      Do you even interactive game?

        With the rise of Lets Plays alot of people clearly dont anymore.

      I agree, there is nothing wrong with an interactive movie, in fact I love them. The new Tomb Raider felt like one a bit and I thought it was a great move.

        I like to think of the majority of games I play as interactive movies.. some have a lot more choices and interaction than others.. but that's generally why I like them because they are like movies that I can make choices in. GTA:V is a 30 to 40 hour blockbuster, interactive movie with LOTS of choices. :)

      To be fair, he doesn't often use the term game that often. He likes to throw out terms like interactive drama and the like

    Am I the only one creeped out by that baby? It's like it has a tiny man's head on a baby's body...

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