PlayStation 4 Will Cost Nearly $2000 In Brazil

PlayStation 4 Will Cost Nearly $2000 In Brazil

And we thought Argentina had it bad. In Brazil, the land of high video game import taxes, PlayStation fans will have to shell out R$3999 for Sony’s next console come November 29. That’s roughly $US1850, or $1923 Australian. Ouch.

The $50 price advantage the $549 PlayStation 4 enjoys over the $599 Xbox One here in Australia is nothing compared to the massive difference between the two in Brazil. According to our Brazilian sister site, Microsoft’s console will be sold for a mere R$2200 or $US1016.

Why the massive difference? Speaking to G1, Sony Brazil explained that between 60 to 70 per cent of the cost was made up of import fees and taxes. That would come out to $US1292 in fees, leaving only $US554 for the console. Sony also announced that games for the system will run a relatively reasonable R$179, around $US80.

In comparison, the 120GB version of the PlayStation 3 launched officially in Brazil in 2010 for R$1999, or $US923.

South America is certainly getting the shaft when it comes to the PlayStation 4 prices. As reported previously, Argentinians will be paying $US1100 for the console, while in Chile the unit is priced at 329,999 Chilean pesos — about $US1700.

According to research from GfK cited by Kotaku Brazil, the Xbox 360 is currently the most popular video game console in the country, with an 85 per cent market share. Considering the cost difference between the two next-generation consoles, I don’t see Sony gaining very much ground there in the years to come.


  • Brazil has a very large population of Japanese too, largest…after Japan itself of course.

  • Didn’t the PS3 cost $3000 somewhere, on launch?
    Taiwan or Brazil… I dunno. I remember it being a thing.
    And here it was $1000 (in some stores), and NZ had it for $1200 IIRC.

  • For some perspective: You or I might balk at buying a $2000 console, but that’s a lot more to Brazilians.

    GDP per capita for Australia is roughly $44k.
    GDP per capita for Brazil is around $11k.

    So for $2000US to make sense to Australians, multiply that by four for an idea of what percentage of your income it would cost you.

    That’s fucking insane.

  • No wonder they are all so lean and tanned and healthy looking, they can’t afford to do anything inside except sit on a couch.

  • well they can buy it from amazon. and have it mailed in pieces. and they can put it back together. so customs doesnt sieze it! simple!

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