Pokemon Leaker Says ‘Heads Are Rolling’ At Nintendo

Pokemon Leaker Says ‘Heads Are Rolling’ At Nintendo

A bevy of alleged Pokemon X & Y images and videos are currently floating around the web right now, but one leaker in particular caught the attention of a lot of folk on the internet… and Nintendo.

The images we posted earlier today, came from Instagram user kosthedin — but by the time of publication, all pictures had disappeared from his account. The only remaining image at the time that seemed to acknowledge the leaks was a scribble that said “Got Nintendo’d.”

Two hours ago, he published another picture with the description, “I no longer have the copy of PokemonX so I can’t leak anymore details than what I already have.”

He then followed that post up with a more detailed explanation of what allegedly occurred.

Nintendo flew a representative out this afternoon and went to the local game shop where I picked up X. The Nintendo rep had said heads were rolling at Nintendo because of the leaks. I gave up my copy of the game to try and help keep the local game shop out of trouble and to keep my friend from losing his job.

Last month, when I saw Pokemon X & Y at Nintendo’s offices, a representative told me that the point of releasing worldwide at the same time was to help maintain some of the game’s mystique. Typically, the games would release in Japan first, and by the time the rest of the world got the games, many of the secrets would be out in the open, a Google search away. Nintendo was hoping to delay that inevitability a bit with this release, but these leaks have occurred over a week before the official release.

We have contacted both Nintendo and Kosthedin about the incident, and will update once we hear back.


  • mystique

    So you’ve got these Pokemons, right. And ever since the original game came out, you catch these Pokemon using these balls. They’re round and stuff. And there’s gyms and trainers and baseball caps and usually 2 copies of the game that come out at the same time. But totally not so you can buy both copies and pay double the price for what’s essentially DLC on another cartridge so Nintendo can make more moneyz.

    Dang it, I just spoiled the whole game for Nintendo. Sorry! 🙁

    EDIT: Seriously though, I don’t condone leaks, but this isn’t about maintaining mystery as much as it is about the bottom line for Nintendo. So having ‘heads roll’ sucks.

    As someone who’s probably going to give this game a crack, it’s easy to maintain self control and not spoil the story etc like any other game.

    BUT, admittedly I’m not as big of a fan as others or I concede the fact that I may not be looking at this the same way.

    • For me, there’s a lot of excitement around the introduction of new monsters, moves and (rarely) types. Previously, with Japan getting the games far in advance, there was also a lot of interest in trying to come up with possible English names – that’s been somewhat reduced with X&Y as the names have generally all been announced at the same time.

      You don’t enjoy Pokémon the same way I do, sorry about that.

      • I think I’ll get this one to relive the glory days of the older games I was really into. I spent a whole summer with a friend playing the originals. Good times.

      • Yeah I’m with mawt, there’s mystery for sure. Finding new pokemans you didn’t know about, new moves, gyms. It’s all pretty fresh things for bigger fans

        • Also this one being the first major visual overhaul since they added colour is pretty awesome.

    • What? That’s crazy. Next you’ll be saying there’s stuff like badges and HM’s with essential moves.

  • “I gave up my copy of the game to try and help keep the local game shop out of trouble and to keep my friend from losing his job.”

    I would be very surprised if he got to keep his job if they went to the trouble of flying someone out there

  • I don’t see how it’s heads at Nintendo that are rolling and not the retailers in Canada and Italy that broke (break being an understatement in this case) the street date.

    • Probably whoever said “Trust us, we will make sure the retailers don’t leak the game”.

      But yeah I’m sure the people who messed up will be in WAY more trouble than anyone at Nintendo.

      • All I can think is: Australia got the short end of the stick after we got some Wii game first (was it Mario Galaxy 2? maybe…) and some joker leaked it – this worldwide release was Nintendo trying to be nice to the rest of the world and now Italy and Canada have gone and ruined that for the rest of us. I fully expect to go back to a 6-9 month wait for the next set of games.

      • haha. But yeah, at the end of the day it’s still the retailer. The manger of distribution and logistics Nintendo side (or whatever the position actually is) can only do so much. Serrels did an article a couple of years back detailing the methods and agreements publishers (Nintendo having some of the most strict ones) have in place with distributors and retailers to prevent the breaking of street dates as much as possible and it’s those agreements and goodwill? that keeps things in place.

        To me, the leaker just seems to be posting absolute bollocks implying Nintendo are out for blood within their own company and trying to shift focus away that he fucked up and put his friend’s job and workplace in jeopardy.

  • His friend goes out on a limb and gets him the game early., then he sits there and tweets a whole bunch of things about it just to look cool and “leak” things……. What a dick, I hope they get fined or reprimanded.

  • TBH I hope the leaker’s friend loses his job (and everyone else that does this). Why? Because people need to learn to respect their workplace and realise that they’ve been given a privilege to work there. It’s not their right to do “bad” things that could get their employers in trouble.

  • Here’s how that fucking conversation SHOULD have gone, day one:

    “Hey man, have you guys got the XY in store yet?”
    “Well… can you keep a secret?”
    “Yeah dude, totally!”
    “Good. So can I.”
    “…Whatever, man, fuck you.”

    • You’re not a cop right? Because like, you’re compelled by the constitution to tell me if you are.

      • Ah shit, ya got me. Damn criminals, how’d they find this stuff out? Makes undercover work so hard!

        Edit: A couple years ago a fella stopped me in the valley and wanted to know if he could buy drugs from me. Another guy nearby grabbed him and said, “You idiot, what’re you doing? He looks like a bloody cop. Here, call this number.” I was kind of hurt. I’m not a cop! Why would they say I looked like one? And why would someone else assume I was selling drugs? What’s going on?!
        The same week, I got approached twice by uniforms, while I was waiting at a cab rank, for a cab. Each time, they asked me what I was doing. When I replied, “Uh… waiting for a cab. Should I… not be doing that? …At a cab rank?” they grudgingly accepted my answer and moved on. Maybe ten minutes later (and still no cab), a smoking-hot fine-ass plain-clothes detective comes up and asks me my name. I’m thinking, “Nice,” then she turns to show me her gun and badge, and ask what I’m doing at the cab rank. “Waiting for a cab?” was met with the same suspicious acceptance.

        What on earth happens at cab ranks that I don’t know about? I wish I’d been a little more collected, that would’ve been a great opportunity to get her number.

  • I was watching the leaks so I could see the final evolutions of the starters (because frankly I think they’re all ugly so want the least-so), and there wasn’t really anything that you could call “mystique”, it was mostly just the same stuff over again with some trash. The best freakin’ thing I’ve seen was Mega Charizard X and Nintendo are the ones who showed it!

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