Pokémon Family Portraits Are The Best Family Portraits

Pokémon Family Portraits Are The Best Family Portraits

This is a family portrait. So, in 30 years time, this kid will look on her parent's wall, see this weird picture and realise that, in 2013, her parents were awesome.

Note: if you're wondering why a cosplay portrait, the Bulbasaur is Lindze, who we've featured here on Kotaku a few times previously.

Pokemon [Benny Lee]


    Hey I'm the biggest pokymans fan I know, but if that were my parents up there, I wouldn't think it was awesome, much less 30 years from now. "Guys you're always embarrassing me! Why can't you just let me cosplay play alone like all the other nerd parents? No I don't want to watch your anime from the 70s, new anime I so much better!" First world nerd problems.

      Agreed. I think this photo is embarrassing overall..

    Maybe 30 years from now she will but first, when she hits her teenage years she will be wishing that pokeball worked.

    My ex used to do a bunch of the same cons as her in the cosplay stuff. Depending on who you talk to, she's either really cool, or kind of a shitty person.

    Nobody disagrees that her cosplay is pretty rad, though.

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