Pokémon Is The Latest Casualty Of The Government Shutdown

Pokémon is the Latest Casualty of the Government Shutdown

The US is currently 12 days into its government shutdown and apparently everyone is cool doing without frilly things like benefits to military survivors or food inspections, because assigning blame for this stupid temper tantrum is terribly uncivil. But they do draw the line when it affects their right to bear Pokémon, it seems.

This sign hit Tumblr yesterday; its provenance is unknown, but it appears to be at a military base PX. I can't imagine any other retail outlet that would be affected by the shutdown. So again, I respectfully ask the shit-for-brains jackass bumpkins in the US House of Representatives, hellbent for steering the US into the ground: Why do you hate American troops so much you will deny them Pokémon X and Y?

Military bases see Pokemon X/Y copies delayed due to government shutdown [Go Nintendo]


    I'm sure they'll just say it was intentional, got to keep video games out of the hands of kids, especially when the game has no guns and a heavy French influence.

    I support healthcare and I kind of dislike republican values, but geez. Calm down.

      Redneck extremists are close to forcing an US debt default which will spawn a worldwide recession. Kinda important.

        That's democracy

          Except only Americans got to vote for the wankers, but all of us are going to end up paying the price.

            Perhaps all the other countries should band together and stop this America place holding the world to ransom. The USA is usually pretty hard on extremists so I'm sure they'd be happy to attack them first. This regime must be stopped for the good of the world. Also they have oil.

            I am aware what I said, and I think the US army invading America to stop a corrupt regime hilarious.

              At the very least I think the rest of us should get a vote since we have to endure the consequences of it.

              Well think of it this way, if a King pulled this crap they'd hang him. George Washington probably would have shot these guys for treason regardless of whether this is technically treason or not. Where are all the people claiming they need the second amendment to keep the government in check?

                Australia had almost the exact same shutdown back in '75.
                Although that ended quicker, with the Queen (well, her official representive Governor General Kerr) firing the entire parliament and starting from scratch.

                  america needs a queen then

    It's all fun and games until troops start going into Pokemon withdrawal and confusing grenades with pokeballs

      "High-explosive grenade, I choose you! Shrapnel attack!"

      It'd still work, I guess. Unless you're trying to catch enemies by hurling "pokeballs" at them.


      This is all I can think about after reading your comment.

        Danforth wanted Pokemon Y more than anybody, but he had to settle for that lame Kingdom Hearts. *cries*

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