Proof That Trevor Is The Best GTA V Character

Hands down. No competition. Nothing comes close to that crazy, gross gross gross dude. Mild spoilers for fun Trevor moments (nothing for the plot) in the video above. If you rather have your experience completely fresh, feel free to skip this one.

The folks at Machinima put together a montage of Trevor's transition moments — those moments where you switch over to one of the three protagonists in GTA V and catch them in the middle of doing whatever they happen to be doing at that time. For Trevor, it almost always involves yelling, throwing things and getting in people's faces all while probably sporting his stained tighty whities. It's part of why he's the best character of the three.


    It's quite amazing how differently I play the game when I am using Trevor. He is the only character that I can think of (in any game to be honest) where I have unashamedly operated without a moral compass.

    Trevors great but only when paired with Michael. The true greatness comes from their turmoil and personal issues and tension. Hes a fantastic character but a little one dimensional, hence why I prefer Michael who for me got the most development.

      Couldnt agree more. Trevor was the crazy we all aspire too but in the end I found Michael so much more relatable . Who was the third one again. CJ??????

      I actually find Trevor to be the deepest character of the lot.

      On the outside, yes he may look a little one dimensional..... but just listen a little more carefully to what he says, and he's actually very very deep and *enlightened* [seriously]. His views on others [and is own] sexuality, philosophies of life and death, the pitfalls of various styles of government, reflections of the state of society. While externally he is a psychopath, internally he has the most depth of any of the main characters.

        Some issues yes, such as sexuality he's very enlightened, others he's a populist, venting popular opinions like Manson did to appeal to masses and control them. Trevors a sociopath indeed and a great manipulator of simple minds, hence his lackeys in the game and why he has no control over Michael. Michael and Trevor I find to be equally as deep but Trevor and Michael need each other as characters, they have the flaws the other doesn't and they complement each other perfectly. If the game was about each of them individually, to be honest, we'd probably tire of either of their schtick very quickly, however combined with Michaels rampant depression, narcissism and overwhelming negativity plus Trevors ADHD like nature, his overwhelming positive nature even though it comes on the end of a a shotgun and his love for life and often ending it... also not to forget Franklin who brings some *sanity* into the mix, attempting to sort this all out... makes for a delicious set of complicated characters.

        Especially after the bland as hell Niko Bellic.

          Yep. Definitely agree.

          Was just seeing a lot of people say how "one dimensional" Trevor is..... which just made me think the aren't actually paying attention to him very well at all.

            The one dimensional comment I don't think I was clear enough on. I simply meant by himself he's possibly a bit one dimensional, with the others, they're a triumph of character interaction. I personally love the moments of indepth analysis with Trevor where you get to see behind his fascade. Where he deals with the border patrol guys for instance, his insight into it all. "I say open up the borders! Let anyone in! There's far bigger things to worry about!"
            Or his views on homosexuality, where he just doesn't care about it. His open policy of violence against anyone, but then his absolute hatred of the mistreatment of Patricia. A great, brilliantly written character who, when mixed with Franklin starts showing a caring side, a competitive one when Michaels around both competing against Franklin for Michaels attention and at the same time with Michael for Franklins respect, then when mixed with Michael, his resentment comes out against him for you know what...

    These are cool, but they can get a bit annoying if you just want to switch into him for a mission or something and find him in the middle of nowhere in his undies fighting off the cops. Trevor I love you mate, but could you maybe chill out a bit, just once in a while?

      Switched to Trevor for a mission and he's on the top of a mountain in a dress and I'm like, "Trev, how?"

      Then we jumped down the mountain in his pretty dress.

    I almost stopped playing the game when i first got it, they introduced Michael and Franklin who i thought initially were both been there done that characters and while i was doing there missions all i could think was this game is just a big traffic/walking/running simulator.

    Then they introduced Trevor and i was like, this is interesting.

    After doing his initial quests and then stopping on the hill to look at the city when you first go to find Michael, it dawned on me that this guy is going to really screw up Michael's life and that where the genius of the three character interaction comes in, the chemistry between all three characters was brilliantly done, but without Trevor's crazy the game would have been so much less.

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    Trevor's both the worst protagonist and the worst idea in general in the GTA series.

    And I don't just say that because I view him as a pathetic, amoral loser with no self-control (so he cannot possibly qualify as a badass, in my book), nor is it just because he's fugly! I can't stand him because I hate the idea that the protagonist's personally in cutscenes must match the typical GTA gamer's sporadically violent behavior (mowing down pedestrians on the sidewalk, shooting them down just for kicks, etc.) for the game to "make sense". There is a bit of that mindset going on with the other characters too, but the argument is primarily made to explain Trevor.

    Not only is this an entirely made up out of the blue ideal in this genre and in the GTA series, but it seems as though Rockstar couldn't just make Trevor's personality adhere to this in-sandbox behavior on the part of the player; they also had to make it so the player's in-sandbox behavior adhered to the protagonists' personalities. Two examples of that being the fact that what radio stations you can listen to depend in part on whether you're playing as Trevor, and the fact that (according to gameinformer), they chose not to put dating in GTA 5 specifically because of "the nature of the characters".

    F*** "the nature of the characters"! I am the character when we're in the open world in between missions! If I wanna set Trevor's favorite station to rap and make a convertible his default vehicle, I should be able to! If I wanna date, I should be able to do that also. Nothing is worth taking away the player's freedom while just roaming about. Nothing. If a particular character seems to demand that the player isn't allowed to do x, that character needs to be changed or removed. Rockstar owes a lot to the concept of freedom in the open world (namely the success of the entire GTA series). For them to turn their back on it now is truly despicable.


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