PS4 Controllers Work On A Mac Too, You Know

PS4 Controllers Work On A Mac Too, You Know

There are PS4 controllers popping up in the wild ahead of the console’s release. Some people in the industry have one already. Here’s one, taking advantage of the fact the pads will run – with a minimum of fuss on more than just a PS4.


  • I don’t think I have read a single comment anywhere regarding PC gamers caring about the Ps4 controller let alone gamers In general in fact everyone is anticipating the Xbox One contoller especially when it’s fully ready for PC those rumble triggers are gooooooood

    • The PS3 controllers are popular enough, as there’s at least 2 separate programs I’m aware of that let you use them with PCs. Personally, I don’t care for the Xbox thumbstick placement so, you know, horses for courses.

      Here’s where I’d put a joke about Macs not having any games, but Valve & CD Projekt Red seem to be determined to put an end to them 😉

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