PS4 Vs Xbox One: Battlefield 4 Comparison

Curious to see what the same game looks like on two new, different systems? This video from IGN should help.

Note that these kind of videos are most useful if you run them at 1080p.

Before you go crazy, remember something else: this is one game, one developed by a third-party. So don't go jumping to too many conclusions!

PS: here's our review of the game.

Battlefield 4: Xbox One/PS4 Graphics Comparison [IGN]


    Seems to be a hefty difference in MP.

    SP is mostly on par.

      Yeah, I read all the headers saying PS4 was far better, but didn't see it, actually preferred X1.
      Then it gets to MP, and the difference is crazy.
      X1 looks like 360/PS3 with all of the jaggies, PS4 looks much more like PC does with BF3.

        Absolutely, the jaggies are horrendous on the XB1, I am going PS4 this time round, I think that as time goes on the PS4 will get considerably better than the XB1. These are early days, but lower framerates and lower res and jaggies don't entice me to pick up the XB1 as my long-term investment. The new PSN deals look really good too, most of my friends have pre-ordered the PS4 this time round, so that is where my MP fun will be anyway, and I'd like it to be free of jaggies.

    Honestly? Both have moments where one looks better than the other in different areas. XBO looks better inside the car, then the PS4 looks better in some moments in the open field etc. It's a bit of give and take but ultimately? NOTHING deal breaking for either console. It's just really seeming to be colourisation, not geometry, not anti-aliasing, not even framerate, both appear to be 60ish fps, and BOTH look goddamn spectacularly good.

      It's good. A massive difference THIS early would make it a one horse race. That'd suck.

    Uh... They both look pretty great?

      But that's not how the internet works though; you aren't allowed to sit on the fence like that, you MUST pick a side and then trash talk the other.... apparently.... :/

      But do agree, they both look great. And let's not forget it's just a launch game; games will no doubt get better as the years roll on and the developers start to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each console.

    Just going by the SP portion, it seems the XBO is a lot brighter to hide a slightly lesser detail; and the PS4 is able to handle the draw distance a lot more than the XBO

      to say that either of these had a "lot" more of anything than the other is an overstatement...

        If you watch the outdoor section of the single player footage, you'll notice a lot more detail on the buildings and you see them at a further distance on the PS4 rather than the over-brightened blur filled XBO version.

        the xbox version appeared to have a lot more lens flare.

        Except pixels: PS4 is rocking around 56% more. And what about the resulting jaggies in the Xbone version? There are a lot more of those too. And colour saturation / heightened contrast resulting in crushed blacks (although this could be DF's fault)? There's a lot more of that.

          They said they tested them both at 30% gamma in the in-game setting, it may simply be that the XB1 requires a few points higher. XB1's default OS-level gamma calibration may just be higher than that of the PS4, but I don't think either it or the washed out visuals on PS4 are an indication of anything fundamentally wrong with the console hardware, just a setting to be adjusted to suit.

          I'm more concerned that despite the 720p/900p difference, the PS4 version doesn't show the quality you'd expect. XB1's upscale is much cleaner for some reason, and although it should have considerably more aliasing, they're both fairly close to each other (ie. they're both bad) except in a handful of scenes where the XB1 aliasing is visibly worse.

          Rather than an indictment of XB1's 720p rendering, I'm more concerned with PS4's lack of appreciable quality improvement.

            I don't know, but when you look at the Jackfrags vids it seems that the PS4 on multiplayer is really something. It gets rid of the 'washed out' look. It seems the DF vids suffered because they went full range RGB instead of limited, resulting in the Xbone saturation, but I don't know how to explain why the DF vids show PS4 as a bit washed out and it's absent in the Jackfrags vids.

              I don't mind that stuff in the videos too much as it's raw digital capture either way, so it's subject to your TV's calibration regardless. I find the upscaling quality and the rather severe shadow flickering seen in the PS4 version (and occasionally in the XB1 version) more concerning because they're things you can't adjust your console or TV settings to compensate for. Hopefully the shadow flickering at least is due to it being a development version, because it's very visible.

    They both look pretty good. Shadows on the Xbox One seem a little darker, but that's about the only difference I can spot. Maybe there's a slight difference in color saturation? Regardless, from what I can tell... it won't affect your enjoyment of the game either way.

    Buy the version with the more comfortable controller for you, I guess?

    They're pretty damn close but the xbox feels a bit sharper... I'd pick it by a marginal win.

      Then have a good look at the Multiplayer section, 1080P full screen. X1 looks like 360/PS3 with all of the jaggies.
      Single Player I prefer X1 most of the time, MP, PS4 all day every day.

    I would be happy either way, game looks great. Might consider picking it up.

    Now I'm not sure if that video is super low res, or if it's just my internet being dumb, even though I hit the 1080P button, so just in case it's the former, and people want a slightly better comparison, Digital Foundry has a Face-Off up (Should be noted, this is on preview code, probably the same as IGN):

    Short version is that Xbone seems to be at 720P, PS4 at 900P, but that the scaling to 1080P is better on the Xbone, which helps close the gap. Gamma seems a bit out of whack in both versions (too dark / saturated on X, too light / unsaturated on P). PS4 has HBAO whereas Xbone has no real time AO to speak of. Oh, and the PS4 is missing a few incidental effects in places, and has a bit more texture pop-in.

      Much better video, unlike the clowns at IGN, they actually compared the same scenes. Looks like much of a muchness really, little details are better on each. In the car scene for example, faces look better and clearer on the XO, while the seatbelt swinging looks clearer on the PS4. The chopper scene the marines chopper looks clearer on the XO, while the enemy chopper looks clearer on the PS4.

      Definitely looking forward to my pre order on Xbox One, doesn't look like either console is the clear winner, but the XO has my preferred controller and friends on multiplayer. That's what's important.

        You'll notice the colour 'popping' a lot more on the Xbone version, which crushes blacks and hides a lot of detail (or blemishes). That and the heightened contrast result in a 'sharper' looking image. DF may have stuffed up the capture on the PS4 version, by their own admission, and it is suspected that either DF altered the Xbone version by dialing up the contrast, or IGN did the opposite.

    The SP on both looks phenomenal. I'm so hyped for next gen =D

    That looks crap compared to the demo on pc.

      Hey, that's great and Highly relevant to the topic at hand. Thanks for sharing that with us all.

    Minor differences, good launch effort though.

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    PC looked better.

    550 for the new console then pay to play online and rip off costing games or get a PC that can look and play it better then its console counterparts.

    No brainier what people should be picking when it comes to "next gen"

    Also use this video next time Kotaku:

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      There's always someone...

      This isn't about PC. If you read the title, you would have seen this was a comparison between PS4 and Xbone. We get it, PC is better, cheaper, more powerful, etc. However, that is not what is being discussed in this article.

        Yup. Every goddamn fucking time......Fanboys ruin everything.

        I find it dumb they just do a xbone and PS4 considering they are both nearly on par with each other when it comes to specs so really what is the point, you buy a console for it's game exclusives and sometimes other small factors not if it looks nearly identical because really some games will look better on xbone some better on PS4 just like the last gen all over again.

        They also fail to show the PC compared to these so called "next gen" consoles because just like last gen everything was better on you know what.

        Also Xbone 720p and PS4 900p for 500$-600$ with medium settings and barely any AA. So in other words Xbone 1280×720 (720p) vs PC - 3840×2160 (4K) = hilarity we live in age where 4K is becoming a reality yet these consoles use totally outdated hardware I mean not even a SSD drive lol Congratulations.
        True Next Generation Consoles. Back to 2008.

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          My mum kicked me out of the basement back in 2008. That's when I stopped measuring the size of my dick.

          I find it dumb they just do a xbone and PS4 considering they are both nearly on par with each other

          I think you completely missed the point when it comes to comparing products. This is the VERY reason why people compare stuff, because it is a fairly level playing field - a 600cc motorbike shootout comparison, or a comparing the latest iPhone to the latest Android phones. It's about consumer choice. Time for you to move along, do some word processing and look at some porn. I'll see you online in skifree.

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      You're so right! When will these suckers wake up and smell the coffee?

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        At my age I go the family car over the sports model....with 4 kids a console is a better investment than assing about with a PC.

          Same here, I'm a family man with a console. I just like to patronise PC elitists. They so crave to have their superiority acknowledged and once this has occurred they'll often leave without a making a fuss.

            No opinion on Picard's post, but I don't think it's unfair to want to add the third platform the game is available on to the comparison between the other two platforms. It seems like a worthy comparison, and might even show areas where the consoles do better. (Granted that's unlikely, but you don't know until you put them side by side.)

      Don't forget that the game itself is also cheaper on PC than on either generation of consoles (eg. EB Games has PC version $10 cheaper, Ozgameshop has PC $12 cheaper than 360/PS3, and $15 cheaper than Xbone/PS4).

      Quote:"550 for the new console then pay to play online and rip off costing games or get a PC that can look and play it better then its console counterparts."

      One reason why people will buy a console is because they just want to PUT A GAME IN AND PLAY IT. No stuffing around with driver issues, changing settings in your modem, antivirus clashes, TRYING to get a game to work. Consoles are great because it works every time :)
      Yes my PC will play the game with awesome visuals, but that's no good to me if the game won't work (for instance BF3, goddamn Origin issues)
      Two gamers in my household, and we're both PC gamers, but we still enjoy console gaming.

    We should all just play on pc and not have to worry about shitty outdated console graphics.

      But then we'd have to put up with a bunch of elitist fuckwits online.

        elitest fuckwits or a bunch of swearing 12 year olds... Rather stick to single player TBH

        Let's face it, no matter where you go online, you're going to meet unsavory characters.

        You must have missed the entire last two generations of console fanboys clawing at each others throats. Every camp has its elitists, for better or worse.

    I noticed a few things though since it was a horrible side by side I'll start with that. Seriously where are the stills? If you pause all you get is blurry nonsense because of youtube compression even at 1080.

    It seemed he xbox was brighter and had more vivid colours, it seemed to be crisper up close and blurry further away where as the ps4 was the opposite. The ps4 also had texture pop in during that jungle landscape (the ddr5 latency perhaps?)

    All of which could be bollocks and we really need identical screens taken at the same time side by side and un compressed to see a real difference outside of colour palettes, which shows just how close that they are to each other in terms of quality.

      Check out the euro gamer comparo, some decent stills there to compare

        just to point out this was one of the sub headings on one of the euro gamers comparison videos.
        " A preview of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4, as captured from near-finalised code. For the most accurate representation of what to expect in visual quality, make sure 1080p is selected. For equivalent comparisons with the PC version at ultra settings, check out the videos below".
        note the underline.

        DF is important reading, but I'd recommend reading about the major differences on their capture vs pretty much everyone else's. It seems that their capture method may have corrupted their data a bit.

    @ 25 seconds in the video the Xbone has a missing paper under the water.

    Looks very good on both consoles.

    I suspect the PS4 has a fraction more power than XBone, but what I like to call LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) programming means it could very well be far too much effort to get that extra power out so Cross Platform games will look about the same on each platform.

      Possibly, although with the PC-like architecture, it probably wouldn't be that much more effort given they'll be putting more effort into the PC version anyway.

        PC's are already more powerful than either of these Consoles IMO, but you need to spend more to do it. If the options are there the PC version will look as good or better.

      A fraction that allows it to push out over 50% more pixels at a higher average frame rate?

        Sony have lied about their specs and what it can do since the PSX after 3 generations of lies about performance I see no reason to start believing them now.

        I do admit I could be wrong, and only time will tell.

        Is the extra power worth the extra effort to the development team. Delay all the platforms to make the PS4 version look better. I don't think we'll see it. As above LCD and the Xbone is holding everyone back this generation. Nintendo are off doing their own thing so I don't count the Wii U in the same league as the PS4 & XBone.

    Im a little bit surprised by the fact there is a review embargo on the xbox one version yet they are able to show footage for the comparisons. Could there be a chance there is a difference with the final xbox one review version being that its official release date is almost a month away? i mean they both look awesome at the moment and have no issues picking it up for xbox one in its current state but just thought id put it out there =)

    They both look like shit, PC remains king 4k star citizen FTW

    Seems like the Xbox One is more saturated and has higher contrast, but blacks are crushed. I think something in between the two would be best. The eye always seems to prefer the more vivid alternative of a side-by-side comparison (Xbox).

    Wii U for me.

    The graphics suffice and it does exactly everything I need/want it too, plus, it has Nintendo games that I prefer over any incomplete, feature cluttered triple A mess to bless us with bugs and void of challenge game design.

    Did I mention how good Monster Hunter is?

    I didn't notice any difference at first, but then i set the youtube resolution to 1080p, and clearly seen my old nemesis on the xbox one version... the dreaded Dr Jaggies...

      They both have pretty noticeable aliasing, unfortuntately. The DF video someone else posted above shows they're very close to each other in identical scenes, with only a few where the XB1 aliasing was more noticeable. Considering it's 720p vs 900p both upscaled to 1080p, I'm surprised the PS4 version doesn't look better than it does.

    What an interesting video..

    Looks like BF will be sticking in my "best enjoyed on PC" bundle, and will never enter my console titles :)

    You know I'm honestly struggling to discern the difference between these two and the Xbox 360 I played a few weeks back!

    How the hell are these new consoles going to sell themselves given we've already reached the bleeding edge of image fidelity?

      We've still got a long way to go, have you seen BF4 running on a PC maxed out? It's breathtaking and it makes the console versions look last gen.

    The difference is minor on a compressed flash video on a small computer screen.

    The PS4 is pushing 50% more pixels (900p is 500,000 more pixels than 720p) at the same or better frame rate with HBAO lighting. This is CLEARLY going to look better than Xbox One on a 40"+ HDTV where you can tweak the gamma yourself.

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