Rapper Says GTA V Stole His Music

Rapper Says GTA V Stole His Music

Grand Theft Auto V is packed with tunes. But according to rapper and music producer Daz Dillinger, the game uses two of his without permission. Now, he wants Rockstar to pay up or to destroy all unsold copies of the game.

Dillinger's tracks "C-Walk" and "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit" appear in the game. But TMZ (via VideoGamer) reports that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar allegedly didn't pay the rapper for his music.

It seems unclear as to whether or not Dillinger owns the rights to these songs.

According to Dillinger, he was allegedly offered $US4271 for the songs but turned that down. Now, he wants a better offer or every unsold copy of the game destroyed.

The rapper tells TMZ this is about "respecting an artist's wor,," adding, "Rockstar didn't do that here and I can't let them get away with it."

Rockstar and Take-Two were given 14 days to comply by Dillinger and his lawyers.

Kotaku is following up with Rockstar and will update this article should the company comment.



    He sounds completely unreasonable, I'm sure if a common ground can't be found they can do a patch to remove it, destroy unsold copies? good luck trying to achieve that.

    It seems unlikely that Rockstar would be this stupid. They just wouldn't have used the songs. This isn't their first rodeo. Someone didn't like the 4k he took for his probably shitty songs, saw that GTAV made eleventy bajillion dollars and now wants to renegotiate his deal.

    The rapper tells TMZ this is about “respecting an artist’s wor,,”


    Oh, ok.

      Oh, ok.

      I think you mean "Oh, o,."

        You have bested me, good sir.

        I should not post while still in a sleep haze.
        My mind is not as sharp as it should be!

    Rapper does not understand that his label owns his arse and can license his music without his input. still you cant really expect a rapper to have the ability to read what hes signing, after the first full line of text without the words "G, Gansta, Dawgzizzle or WUT WUUUUUT" he probably lost interest and just signed it.

      He seems like a has been just trying to stay relevant. I haven't seen Snoog Dogg, Dr. Dre or Ice Cube having a whinge, they're all from the same time as this one, he was even in Snoop Dogg's group Dogg Pound.

      He must be low on cash or something, dealing drugs in the hood mustn't be paying off for him..

      To be fair though, it's crazy how many popular rappers are in fact not as gangsta as they appear. Entertainers sell an image remember.
      It blows my mind how many of them have high degree's and other educations.

      lol I'm sure Daz Dillinger and most rappers are much smarter than you are.

    Why not just release a patch that removes it.

      Possibly because the issue would be the music is still present on the DVD regardless of the patch. If one is to install the game without patching it, the music would still be accessible.

    Destroy all unsold copies of the game? What, all 3 of them?

    I would gladly let rockstar steal my music to put into a GTA game. That promotion.

    So this rapper gets offered to have his songs played in one of this years biggest games, a triple A title. On top of this gets offered money, then turns it down.....kay.

    Last edited 12/10/13 1:58 pm

    threatening a beloved game developer . . . . smart career choice.

    Every radio station has 2-3 tracks that are memorable. Those songs aren't it.

    Now excuse me while I listen to Party All The Time and Convoy for the 1000th time.

    He ain't gotta like it cause the hood gon' love it

    There's no way they'll make Rockstar destroy unsold copies for this D-bag. He should be stoked his tracks were even considered for the soundtrack.

    Daz Dillinger has been irrelevant for a decade, if not more. He should be glad Rockstar even included his tracks.

    Last edited 14/10/13 10:15 am

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