Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty

Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty

High-res graphics and beautiful particle effects are all well and good, but when it comes right down to it, a game's visuals live or die on art direction. And Arkane's 2012 stealth game Dishonored still has some of the best art direction around.

The man behind that, of course, is the supremely talented art director Sebastien Mitton, who has talked at length in the past about his inspirations for the game. And in case you needed a reminder of how distinctive Dishonored looked, these new in-game shots up over at video-game photography site Dead End Thrills capture the grimy beauty of the game awfully well, snagging scenes from the main game and from both downloadable expansions.

Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty
Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty
Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty
Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty
Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty
Reminder: Dishonored Was Super Pretty

Many more over at Dead End Thrills.


    Art direction is important as shit. Just got one of dick smith's half price Wii U's and I'm so pumped to play Wind Waker HD for that very reason. That and I never had a GameCube :) so excited.

    Also, dishonoured is great all around!

      "Art direction is important as shit"

      *Thinks about Idiocracy*

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    God dammit I hated Dishonored, that blink ability is like a WIN button and you unlock it almost immediately, played for like 3 hours after I unlocked that and haven't gone back since, lame story, bland washed-out visuals and incredibly OP powers that remove all challenge and create no incentive to try to be stealthy... in a stealth game

      I won't be alone in saying that "you're doing it wrong...... "

      And while stealth was an option and certainly considered "more canon", the whole point of the gameplay was that you had options to play how you wished. Stealthy with minimal casualties, or guns blazing with maximum carnage [or anywhere in between].

      If you didn't find it stealthy enough, it's because you didn't play it stealthy enough.

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        You're right. joe is either a little bitch or a splinter cell fan

          There's a difference? :)

          I kid, I kid. Just ripping on fan reactions anytime there's been any news about Splinter Cell games since the first one.

    Dishonored was my favourite game of 2012. I have 100's of screenshots at 7680x1440 capturing it's beauty. The story, the world, the lore, the art direction, all were fantastic.

    @joe_90 - The story is only lame if you're too slack to spend the time reading the material littering the world itself, and the game provides plenty of incentives to play stealthy, different endings, dialogue, objectives, after-mission reports and stats. Not to mention that going stealth fixes the issue of 'no challenge'. The only thing stopping you from doing it was yourself.

    Man this is one of my favourite new IP's in ages. I've never bought DLC before, but I bought all of them for Dishonored. Hope they're working on a next-gen sequel!

    I was going to disagree with you, but I think you've just chosen a poor illustration for the title pic. Didn't care for the game, but DET seems to agree with you, around double the screenshots for dishonoured versus Infinite. That could be something to do with DLC though..



    I've held off playing this and now will get the GOTY edition methinks

      Same, I saw it as a pre order on ozgameshop recently and def gonna pick it up.

    Wow, lots of love for this game. I must have been doing something wrong, or played it on Xbox rather than PC (is that where those screenshots come from?) I hated the art from the get-go, and controls felt clunky. It just felt like a really bad Bioshock clone. The levels loaded similar to Borderlands, you know, how the graphics are blurry, but then become clear. Dishonoured just stayed blurry!

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