Reminder: Real Pirates Were Awful

Making a pleasant change from the usual pre-release drivel, Ubisoft has teamed up with VICE to make a series of short documentaries about the golden age of piracy. So that when you're playing Assassin's Creed IV, you can... I don't know, appreciate the piracy some more.

Really, though, screw the game. They're just great little clips to watch regardless of your interest in Assassin's Creed, because while third-person combat may not be your thing, piracy is everyone's thing.



    Piracy isn't my thing...

    I buy the games I like and uninstall the ones I don't.

      Wow, you really know how to put a down on most things, regardless if this game doesn't appeal to you here is the golden words of wisdom, don't buy it. For most people this combines the Ninja and Pirate themes people are always comparing. Marketing wise it is genius.

        Wow, you really know how to comprehend things...

    I love the history of Piracy, not the act its self (though it is fun to play a pirate in games), and Assassins and Thief's.. The mad skills they would have had to pull off the things they did back then is awesome.

    Can't wait for ACIV to come out :D

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