Report: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PC Next Year

Report: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PC Next Year

We've always kind of assumed that Grand Theft Auto V will be out on PC at some point in the near future, but Rockstar has stayed quiet about the possibility, even after loads of speculation and murmurs from outside companies. Today, the rumour cloud gets a little bit thicker.

Gaming website Eurogamer says "multiple industry sources" have told them that Rockstar's open-world mayhem simulator will be out on PC in the first quarter of 2014. Rockstar's plan, Eurogamer says, is to mirror the release schedule for GTA IV, which hit consoles in April of 2008 and PC in December, eight months later.

GTA V came out on September 17. Eight months from that would be May of 2014, which isn't the year's first quarter, so if Eurogamer is correct here, the PC version of GTA V won't precisely mirror GTA IV.

We've reached out to Rockstar for comment.


    long as it's all optimized so everything runs smooth, we're all good.

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      GTA hasn't been optimised for PC in years... Highly doubtful this will be any different.
      Would be nice if it was tho.

        Yeah, it's a slim hope, but Max Payne was tightened up perfectly for PC, so here's hoping R learned a bit.

          After the crapshot of GTAIV I was very impressed with the MP3 PC treatment. Game ran extremely well. Looked great in 3D too ;)

        I played GTA 3, VC and SA at 100% and had absolutely no problem. Actually the quality was better than on PS2. Same goes for GTA IV. Although I do agree that you need a really high PC configuration to run IV (i don't know fo the others they are old now)

      Given how well they did Max Payne 3, I think they got their shit together then, and we should be fine. GTA IV was the first PC title on their Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, so it was always going to be poorly optimised imo.

    Yeah I'd say PC will get a nice 360 port while the Xbox One gets a nice updated version.

    One thing that needs to be understood, is that none of this has been confirmed by Rockstar Games, and that the "multiple industry sources" are essentially just people with an opinion.

    The original article by Eurogamer read as "We think GTAV will come on Q1 2013 based on previous releases. Here is some shit other people have said that seems to be related."

    With that said, until you hear it from the horse's mouth, its speculation.

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      Yes, the headline of this article is false and misleading, and needs to be changed.

        Its not just this article though; the original article from Eurogamer did the same thing, and other sites have re-written it and credited them as their source.

    So I can wait to play it on my beast of a PC...or buy the Xbox 1 version... I wonder which will be better.

      Free multiplayer on PC so likely more people playing and fewer pre teens acting tough

        Im just hoping that the vast majority of those pre-teens switch to PS4 for next gen. Based on the majority of gaming sites comments and forums they will be. Not that I wont be getting a ps4 also, but most of my gaming next year will be on x1 (esp multiplayer) and pc. That is... when they actually release GTA V next gen. Till they do my 360 with GTA Online will do very nicely. Pretty sure my pre-paid x1 wont even come out of the box, unless the missus really wants to play Just Dance 2014. That said, I just got home from running some errands and the missus is on the 360, headset and all, playing GTAO with randoms and having a great time.

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      When did they announce an XBox One (next gen) version? I was under the impression that R* said that it won't be coming to next gen consoles.

        They said months ago it wasn't coming to Next Gen I thought, whilst not commenting on a PC version. I may be mistaken though.

          OK, I didn't read that. Just thought it would be comparable specs. Guess it'll be a wait for PC then :)

            Would be nice to see it on next gen honestly, i'd buy a PS4 on GTA V's release day if that happened :P After all I bought a PS3 for GTA V... Worth every cent.

        R* have NEVER said that GTA V WONT be coming to next gen. In the cvg interview with Leslie Benzies a few months back they were very cagey and I cant remember the exact wording of the top of my head, but it was something like "let's just get this out for current consoles and then we will see."

        Nothing about pc or next gen, but certainly not denying it.

        EDIT: Now that I'm on the laptop rather than my phone, I thought I'd put the url up for those that aren't convinced.

        This is a quote from the article on page 3:
        "We'll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future."

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    I'll get it, even though I already own it.

    Why is everyone assuming that GTA V will be coming out on next gen consoles at the same time as the PC version? yeah maybe in a few years as a DL title on the PSN and Xbox store but i seriously doubt a physical release.

    GTA V could really use the extra horsepower of a PC or next gen because, although the game runs smoothly you can see they had to sacrifice some graphical aspects but don't get me wrong, GTA V is still a very good looking game.

    I'll be happy with the exact same game on PC just without the aliasing and running 1440p at 60fps.

    Pretty please!

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    Over Rockstar and there treatment to PC gammers and there piss poor excuse for not brining it to PC same Day as Consoles, i have loved and supported all there games including buying all of them on Steam even though i own them on my XBOX and 360 but just preferred there games with mouse control over controller

    I had no doubt, none whatsoever, that they were going to bring to PC.

    I was going to wait for the release, knowing that it would definitely be coming, however I am glad I did get it for PS3 as it is a truly remarkable game.

    They'll release it on next gen as well - it's all apart of they're twisted plan to be more money out of me!! I reckon this will be the best port they've done, because it wont be a port persay, they have probably been building it for a little while (since the next gen dev consoles went out) along with the PC version. They'll steal the first half of next year as well!! Well played Rockstar :P

    Wow, so many entitled gamers. Just be happy they released the game at all. If better graphics and mods matter that much to you then you should be happy to wait. R* have said right from the start that they were making the game for 360 and ps3.

    I'm quite happy to pay for 3 licences for the game.

    More speculation blah blah blah... how about you just tell us when rockstar confirm it

    I cant be bothered with anything Rockstar does. They treat PC enthusiasts as children. For that my dollars go else where they are deserved. I don't care if they make the best game ever with that attitude I hope the company closes down.

    @Skidd - "I don't care if they make the best game ever" - Buddy, for my money they have. Although to be fair, they still need to sort their sh*t out with GTA online !

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