Robocop And Batman -- Together At Last

I feel like this needs to be shared. People like Batman and they like Robocop but still, for years, we have been denied the Robocop/Batman crossover we lusted after. Somehow they needed to be part of the same thing but noooo. We didn't get it for some reason. Well, I think those stuffed shirts up at Hollywood HQ have let us down all too often. Time to let some guy on YouTube beat them to it.

And that guy is Samtimenews. This chap often does voiceover remakes of big trailer releases (I seem to remember posting a GTA V trailer overdub he put together earlier this year) but I think he's outdone himself here. He's taken the recent Robocop trailer and somehow managed to insert Batman into the proceedings. I think it's hilarious. You should totally watch it.


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