Rugby League Live 2 -- World Cup Edition Announced

Well it seems like Tru Blu are leaving it pretty late! With the competition starting on October 26, the team behind the Rugby League Live series has just announced Rugby League Live 2 — World Cup Edition, a game that takes the core of RLL2 and adds the World Cup bells and whistles.

The is set for release on November 21 on Xbox 360 and PS3, in the midst of what will no doubt be World Cup fever (assuming Australia makes it to the latter stages of the tournament) and will feature a number of upgrades and updates.

These updates mainly centre around new modes, like the expanded career mode and, of course, an official Rugby League World Cup 2013 Competition that allows you to play through your own virtual world cup as one of the 14 teams who qualified for the tournament.

For more information on the game head the Tru Blu Facebook page.


    I really liked Rugby League Live 2, however for some reason the game is insanely expensive. This will be the third iteration of the game and will still probably cost around $100, despite the fact thats it's an almost 3 year old game.

    Being a fan of NRL I've always been interested in this game but always assumed that it would be just terrible.

    The price of it staying high hasn't made me curious enough to try.

      If you like Rugby League you should get it. It's an investment in future games and the popularity of the sport as a whole.

      Rugby League has a really small market, and so it can't bring out titles at heavily discounted prices without making the whole thing unprofitable. I love both Rugby League and Union, and so I jump at every opportunity to get their video game incarnations, and will happily pay a bit more for the product.

      I know NBA/FIFA/Madden games will be cheaper and better quality products, but it's the difference between supporting a local business and paying a bit of a premium or shopping at some massive multinational that can afford to bring prices down because of their colossal market share and bulk supplies.

    On the topic of sports games...

    Apart from Kobe, the realism is pretty special.

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