Saving Safely

Good news, Pokémon players: there's a patch out for the Lumiose City glitch, (a glitch that can sometimes corrupt saves done in Lumiose City.) You can get the new patch from the eShop, or you can scan these QR codes for it too. [via Tiny Cartridge]


    Yes, but does it cure loneliness? *drops a single rose as he watches somberly as the sun sets on the beach*

    I'm just glad Nintendo has entered the age of patching video games.

      I'm not quite sure this counts. Going to the eShop or using a QR code if you know about the bugs/that a patch is available isn't quite there.
      At least it means they don't rely on post release fixes so much.

    Nintendo love making things as inconvenient as possible, there were pc games in the late 90s with auto updating and the psp has had it since 2005. there's really no excuse to make people jump through hoops in this day and age for a simple patch.

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