See What An Xbox One Dashboard (Might) Look Like In Action

This video could have been great. It shows the kind of thing a prospective buyer of a brand new console wants to see: menus, commands, switching between programs. The nuts and bolts of your every day experience.

It's a shame, then, that Microsoft decided to take such a "real" premise and make a staged advertisement out of it. Had this been captured and clearly marked as "in the field", it would have been awesome! But presented as it is, we get an idea of how this stuff looks, but not a definite idea of how it performs.

Meet Xbox One [Microsoft]


    There's behind the scenes footage of it in action, it really does perform like this. Should check that out before calling it 'staged'.

    I still cant see a majority of people using voice commands. As convenient as they might be, its still easier to use a controller. Theres not much featured that im all that interested in either. The snap feature looks neat but the dashboard looks messy and unless the capture feature has the ability to upload to twitch or youtube, I dont see much use in it. I wont be picking an Xbone up but for the sake of a competitive market, I hope it does well.

    I just cant see the dashboard operating that fluently, not to mention definitely not at that speed too. I mean him jumping straight into Titanfall like that without any issue, or choosing a loadout or anything along those lines. Let's face it, it's a nice preview but the video is surely edited.

      5GB RAM is reserved exclusively for the XBone-Gaming component and 3GB is reserved exclusively for the METRO component. For that reason it can jump between to two without having to reload its last position again because it doesn't have to dump it previously. They did LIVE demo's of this at XBone announcement and at EB Games EXPO.

      Yeah I reckon it works as show but what a dick Togo AFK to watch TV!

    xbox...change your ui from the crappy windows 8 one

    Only Kotaku could take this ad and put a negative spin on it. Yet the PS4 has once again recently announced features that have been cut for day one and it barely gets any editorial criticism. The coverage on this site feels SO biased since the console announcements.

      While there may seem like an element of bias in this post, I think there's a large amount of skepticism right now about the XBOX ONE. There's been a lot of rumours and chatter about things not working properly, things aren't ready etc. and there has been no direct response from MS. I think that silence hurts them a lot, and is causing a lot of people to take an automatic skeptic perspective on things when talking about the ONE.

        I agree. The Xbox One deserves a lot of skepticism and worry because of what has happened. But I expect more from a news site.

      However their criticism is fair, you don't just snap into a multiplayer game without it loading.

        Yes you do on the Xbox one i have seen it in the flesh it is instant matchmaking is and can be done behind the scenes

        Kotaku have a issue with Microsoft because one of their editors was told by a Microsoft employee to delete unauthorized photographs taken at a Press event during the Xbox One initial reveal months and since then they have indulged in a biased slander campaign against the Xbox One console and have done everything to promote the PS4 system despite it's numerous shortcomings, lack of AAA titles and not to mention compromises to numerous promised launch day features, if anything stick with Microsoft at least they are honest

          I think what he means is you don't go from dashboard to halfway through a round of multiplayer like that.
          It's skipping the eight minutes of animated company logos and crap that comes before the start menu in every game released in the past ten years. He doesn't sign in to the publishers network, find a match, select a loadout, etc.
          Obviously this is just a promotional short so they're not going to go into detail, and they're not showcasing how any specific game works, but it's still trying to create a much more fluid image of how the console works than how it will work.

          Personally I'll be amazed if the XBOX One or PS4 can go from power on (or standby) to a multiplayer match in less than three minutes. The hardware can but the software won't.

            It would be awesome if the ad actually showed the game go through all that junk, and it was actually 3-4 minutes long. And the gamer is making a sandwich!

              Heh. Would have made a great showcase for practical use of the snap feature.

              *Put disc in* XBOX play Dead Rising 3. XBOX snap a some TV on. [two episodes of Game of Thrones later] Ok, unskippable publisher logo is done. XBOX snap on Iron Man 3. [Iron Man 3 credits roll]. Ok, studio's animated splash screen is done. XBOX snap Angry Birds. [two hours later]. Sweet, game is ready to start.

                Snap *unable to connect to developer's servers, please try again soon*
                Snap *developer forums, starts writing an abusive post*

          Note: The person who was told to delete the photographs is not a Kotaku editor.

      Kotaku has a point. This is a copy of the Sony trailer from a few months ago. It shows what it can do but the execution is staged and therefore unvelieveable. Also they should have used a different game then titanfall. I know they have a huge budget for it but seriously- you can't pause multiplayer games ffs. Fake video is fake and will be treated as such

      withouth being biased however its worth considering that the PS4 features i believe you are referring to arent actually cut... they are available day one, as part of a 300mb update.

      what i dont understand is why people are surprised that new consoles have day one updates. i mean lets be realistic, if people expected that the update should have been preinstalled, that would mean that console production would have had to wait. there is not a chance that launch stock would have been ready before Jan/Feb...

        Yeah, I mentioned they were cut from day one. But the point is that if it was an xbox feature cut from day one Kotaku would be all over it calling attention to it. The PS4 has been given a biased amount of grace in the last few months with Kotaku highlighting a lot of things wrong Microsoft does while letting slide the same for Sony.

        But eh, rewind the clock two years and this site had a heavy xbox bias. I just wish they could provide a more balanced coverage.

          yeah i agree but i think theres reasons that the scales are tipping to the other side... personally the way i see it, microsoft is aiming for a family product that wants to be the centre of the living room experience... i just think Microsofts focus with the xbox has shifted away from gaming...

          sony on the other hand still seem to be targeting the hardcore gamer... i think this is going to cost MS in the long run...

          i dont think the bias is solely on kotaku's end... i think the gaming majority has made a drastic shift since the xbox ones announcement... with all of the restrictive measures they had in place, that upset a lot of people.

          i mean, ps4 pre orders have been sold out for months, yet i can still go pre-order an xbox one today and have it at launch...

            i just think Microsofts focus with the xbox has shifted away from gaming...

            It looks that way but it hasn't. Microsoft are still pouring buckets of money into exclusives/timed exclusives. The no used game stuff was in part an attempt to bait publishers into going exclusive. They're just doing what Sony did with the PS3 and pushing the non-gaming functionality too hard in their advertising.
            With the PS2 Sony saw massive positive feedback from the DVD player capabilities. They then thought it would be a good idea to push the PS3's media player capabilities in the advertising. It created the illusion that nothing was happening game-wise. Microsoft saw a lot of positive feedback from the streaming media functionality on the XBOX 360. They then made a similar mistake in thinking that this stuff was more than just icing on the cake.
            In both cases they had games in the pipeline and just assumed gamers didn't need to see games in every single event they went to. In both cases they over estimated the value of some of the non-gaming functionality and walked away looking stupid.

            Also it's important to remember they aren't Nintendo. They're not quite making the games themselves. The games you buy a PS4 or an XBOX One for aren't coming out of the same house so to see the new Gears of War you're going to have to go to Epic not Microsoft. They'll borrow games to showcase stuff, but it's not like with Nintendo where they can pump out new Mario footage to go with a non-Mario centric event. You don't see the same 'here's the new UI, and if you look closely you'll see confirmation Mewtwo is going to be in the next Smash Bros'.

            [Edit: Not that I'm defending Microsoft on the other stuff. It's just an interesting pattern you see when these places mistake positive feedback to mean these features are donuts not sprinkles.]

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