Smacking Monsters With A Shovel Is Best Done In 8-Bit

Back when we last looked at it, Shovel Knight was still in its infancy — a wee Kickstarter project looking to gain some traction. Well, that was several months and $US311,502 ago.

As you can see in the above, recently released trailer, the 8-bit platformer is looking (and sounding) as good as ever. I especially love the way they transition from the orchestra to chiptunes. Lovely animation on the King Knight's cape, too.

Shovel Knight lands on PC, Wii U and 3DS this (northern) winter.

Shovel Knight Trailer HD [YouTube]


    So glad I backed this game.
    Been playing a bunch of Mega Man games in anticipation

      I wish I had known about it to back it :( But I will be getting it on day 1!

      Mega Man = awesomeness

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