So How Does GTA Online Play Post-Patch?

For pretty much everyone logging onto GTA Online for the first time on launch, it wasn't the best experience. Fun, to be sure. But no one likes having their character wiped, and being forced through the creation screen and tutorial missions again. But over the weekend, Rockstar released a patch which should help things, and we want to know how things are for you - starting with, can you even connect?

The above is just one anecdotal situation a gaming friend had, but really, GTA Online has quite a few more problems.

It seems when you have a game this large, you're bound to have issues like this on launch. Whether you're Blizzard with Diablo 3, Maxis with SimCity, or Rockstar with GTA Online. But we haven't really had a chance to see Rockstar's multiplayer patching prowess in the past, so I'm curious: For those of you who've had time to play after the patch, how's life in Los Santos? Are the issues fixed? Are there new issues? Are you persisting anyway, just because it's that fun?


    Me and @dc were shooting dudes like pros last night, no hiccups.

      Pros don't run out of ammo midway through mission and text their opponent on phone saying I'm out of ammo. XD

        We need to get you a headset.

          Yeh.. I need to get a headset too.. I was in a mission (replayed about 30 or 40 times) with some people, making heaps of cash.. but I don't have a headset and couldn't work out the way to text even.. I just kept playing.. doing my bit.. etc

            Dunno what console you're on, but PS3 has worked with every bluetooth or USB set I've thrown at it

              I had to actually go out and buy one JUST for GTAO.

              I have never in my life encountered a situation in which I would otherwise need a bluetooth/USB headset. I have a phone, dammit! My PC uses a PROPER headset, none of this bluetooth crap!

              They're just not the kind of thing I can imagine anyone having lying around the house.

                I had to hunt a USB one, but phone bluetooth headsets are pretty easy to come by.

                  I bought the PS3 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound headset the other week from EB, was on sale for $88.

    Didn't even try to connect till the patch and I got on straight away after the patch and didn't have any problems when reconnecting later on either

    Haven't had a problem in the last couple of days.

    Pre-patch I was unable to get past the 1st race, while my house mate managed to get through the tutorial and actually play.

    Both of us are playing ps3, although his console is one of the early models whilst mine is the latest. And we are both playing on the same connection. It was wierd.

    Since the patch we've only hit a few hiccups, mostly timing out when trying to either start a new mission or join each other. But most of the problems we encountered in the first 48 hours of launch have basically disappeared.

    According to the rockstar website characters are still being deleted left right and center. I've had 2 disappear and not really keen to try again until it's resolved.

    Things were great on Sunday for me but on Monday things were terrible, not even letting me launch missions (kept saying people were still joining) or not detecting that other people had joined already.

    Been playing every night since Thursday, been having loads of fun. Only thing wrong with it is that it seems obvious they're trying to make things extremely hard to buy and money extremely hard to make so they can get more money off microtransactions, but it's not bothering me too much.

      Steal and sell SUVs to LS customs, The best price I have gotten for one is just shy of 10 stacks. You can do that once every game day. It's not hard to make loads of cash, I am already invested in 3 properties with only 11 hours of gameplay.

      Also as you rank and progress you get more for the missions. I am averaging 9000 a mission now.

        I think the missions are where you're supposed to get most of the money, but I just... really hate them. So yeah, it's slow going for me, too.

    I've had a few timeouts and a little bit of lag, which is to be expected considering there's no regional servers. But the other 98% of the time, it works like a dream.

    Last night me and my housemate were roaming around in a helicopter holding up all the stores, he'd run in and grab the money while I'd sit outside and fend off the cops, we did this maybe 7 times before getting to four stars and the helicopters being fairly consistent about spawning directly in our path while we were trying to escape, so I landed on a smokestack near the ocean and we fended them off while the sun rose. Then we got drunk and fell off.

    Good times

    I joined no problem, managed to get killed in the space of 30 seconds due to no fault of my own, though any attempt to join a mission or host a mission was met by an error message.

    Yeah loving it. Been working since Sunday for me and maybe lodged about 12 hours over Sunday/Monday (level 13 now.) 16 player races are pretty fun.

    the day we patched, me and 4 other friends had our characters wiped. Patch= Failure

      Yeah I had 2 of my friends get wiped too and a third lost a 150K car.

        ha, update, one of my crews has 20 members 17 of us have had our character dissapear now, highest level was 38, a good portion of them were in the 30s and have now boycotted the game until they sort out their servers. Thanks for killing my crew R*

    I've been having very few issues since about Thursday tbh... except it completely lost and wiped my level 27 character on Sunday night. Ugh.

    Same issue as your friend day one... went through character creation 4 times... and when i finally got into the game, i couldnt start the race tutorial forthe first 2 days.... kept glitching...

    day three once i got to the car park where some dudes meant to bring me a car, he kept bringing one while the other was still there. he would drive through the old car and the old car would glitch and sit on top of the new one. ended up with a pillar of 8 cars before it fixed itself...

    last few days have been very stable...

    It seems extremely stable right now, character has saved successfully and I haven't been falling through the floor recently, i'm just glad i'm able to play without a worry now.

    Worked great on Friday, worked brilliantly last night (post patch) 360. It's brilliant random fun in free roam

    Been playing every night since Friday, never had a problem.... Except the matchmaking sucks. All I want to do is have open world with my friends without having to make a private session

    other than having all of my money disappear once, online has been working pretty well for me

    Finished the first race/tutorial and then it just hung - tried to disconnect and reconnect - It loaded the side of a building and the sound, no player or anything, just froze again.
    I'll give it all a miss I think. Was keen to play as I just finished the single player - albeit a few boring activities still to go.
    Guess that will be the end of my GTAV experience. Unless some really great DLC is on offer later.

    I've heard the best way to avoid losing your character is when the game asks you to reconnect after a failed attempt DO NOT press retry. Exit out and start again and that should help.

    My mate that lost the 150K car boosted a mission and farmed 180K last night to make up for his loss. I think that's fair 'cheating'.

    Everything worked flawless for me pre-patch. Post-patch I've had issues with missions spawning and my level 17 character got wiped. No big issue as I kept all my money and hadn't invested into anything yet but obviously I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. Online is a tonne of fun with friends and I can't wait until it's all stable. For those who haven't already, sign up to the social club and get yourself a free Eligy. A nice car that's much better than the starters!

    Was all great for me even pre-patch, until yesterday when I lost my character.
    They said before the thing was even released that there would be issues so I'm not terribly surprised or particularly upset, but I'm kinda waiting on it to be fixed before I go dumping another 25+ hours into it. It's a thing I'm really keen to do though, I've been loving it.

    new to on line gaming.
    having fun getting killed all the time lol.
    no money no ammo.
    i am now running around bashing people for wallets and stealing cop cars for shot guns ammo.
    fun times.

    I haven't had any major issues, bit of lag and a few failed connections but everything else is running fine

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