So, We've Discovered The Formula For Doing A Next-Gen Trailer In The Sports Genre

Especially when the series is miles ahead of the competition. Begin with a good 30 seconds of slow-motion pregame, then build up to kick-off/tipoff at the crescendo of a pop anthem.

Here's FIFA 14's trailer for PS4 and Xbox One.


    Really wish I was getting forza instead of this with the xbone.

      Are you getting it at EB games? Get the Forza Bundle $199 Xbox Live 12month day one code includes heaps of extra exclusive skins and DLC for day one games, Forza 5 and a Controller great value!
      I think JB has a similar deal too also EB will price match console deals etc
      Still FIFA14 looks pretty good :p I am not dissapointed in getting it for Free besides Forza5 Limited is where it's at!

    I think the very first thing I'm going to do after i get my XB1 is check to see how much these fifa codes are selling for on ebay, assuming the code will work for Americans and other regions who don't get it. (unless everyone has it now, in which case that's disappointing)

    I will never in my life understand what keeps people buying the same identical game only slightly prettier each year on any number of sports games. I mean at least things like COD or even dynasty warriors change, different maps/weapons/stories and even how the games paced/played, but sports games, your still kicking a ball around the same grass field and its makes no difference if your doing it on a 12/13/14 copy.

    Though I will say for once the crowds seems to be more than individual polygons and are looking good xD

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      Wow your an idiot. When has Football in real life ever gotten an upgrade? Of course its the same game year after year, because its the same game in real life year after year.

        He just means that the gameplay mechanics don't change enough to make the games interesting enough to warrant paying more money for. Not worth calling him an idiot for that.

        You are possibly the stupidest person i've ever had the displeasure of seeing on this site. Go back to school and repeat the entirety of it because clearly you don't know how to read or comprehend an English sentence let alone understand it.

        So please keep your imbecilic comments to yourself.

        Spruppet on the other hand is the only person here who seems to have reading comprehension and got it in one.

        The game IS IDENTICAL, you can play you 2012 2013 2014 copy and nothing will have changed the experience, there is nothing new, especially not $60-100 worth.

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      Imbecile right here....Football is the most played sport in the world and hasn't changed in decades. COD is a fictitious game based on squat except some official guns wow, how can you even compare the two? NBA2k14, NHL14, MLB the show, MADDEN etc the list goes on in games that get released everywhere that never really change.

      wouldnt have quite put it the same as the nrcjim..... but i do agree with the bottom line.... do you (kingpotato ) enjoy watching or playing sport at all?

      Its the same game week in week out.... but people like it.... if they want to have the latest version of it its their choice..... someone who doesnt like FPS games would say the same about COD or any other FPS game....

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        Except no they can't, as i stated COD changes. It has new maps, new guns, new tactics and perks, play styles and modes along with an entirely new campaign. The game fundamentally changes with each iteration. Your precious sports games for the dumb masses do not.

        I can play a game of fifa on 2008-2014 and it will be near IDENTICAL, perhaps the only real difference is that It will have a different roster which is the equivalent of paying $60-100 for a skin pack.

        So why are you paying $60-100 for a skin pack, you don't need the new game to enjoy playing a game of football soccer or madden. You can play your old copy and it will be the same experience.

        The fact that NONE of you can understand that is why your all an indictment of our education system and I'm embarrassed for everyone who posted here, that you all seem to lack the simple intelligence to understand the fundamental difference I illustrated in my original post and again here.

          Mate, have you even played every FIFA game? Would you know where to look for the game play mechanic changes?

          Don't be such a bigot when you have no clue what your talking about. You can't compare sport titles games to COD or any other game when it comes to improvements. Like i said, Football as a sport (OR any sport for that fact), has remained largely the same for a long time. Where would you say for them to make the improvements then? Give the players guns so they can shoot at each other while dribbling? OR maybe give them a new field with a lava pit in the middle, that would make it more interesting wouldn't it?

          Your obviously not a fan of sport, and in the last 5 years of FIFA they have made significant changes the the games dynamics. Every year they make it more realistic and fluid to play.

          So yes, refer to my first comment. You're an idiot, and don't comment stupid comparisons if you have no clue what your talking about you high horsed bigot.

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          LOL just look at how bigoted you are... "Except no they can't"? Are you for real? You're really saying people can't have an opinion on a matter that isn't yours? Wow. Maybe you are the one that needs reeducating on how to be a sensible human being. I really pity you.

            Congratulations on yet another failure of your english skills, as you seem to be unable to understand what the word bigot means, this just makes you look even less intelligent given the amount of times you used it.

            Just because someone claims something it doesn't make it true. I was not questioning the validity of the game, or someones enjoyment from it, merely the fact that people seem so ready to throw their money at a skin pack, which is essentially what each yearly sport game is in 9/10 cases.

            While some years there is marketable improvements in a sport franchise, these are horrible few and far between, leaning more credence to the fact the game isn't worth purchasing every year, which is basically what i stated the first time, to wit your infantile mind couldn't comprehend.

            You also seem to lack a fundamental understanding, between an opinion and a fact, an opinion can neither be wrong or right, because it is entirely subjective. "Ice cream is tasty" is an opinion, "cod is the same game every year" is not an opinion because that is factually wrong. Where as "I don't think cod is worth buying every year" is an opinion because it is subjective.

            My generalisation that sports games are typically identical year in year out in terms of gameplay is a not an opinion, it is a fact. What I inquired was why do people keeping buying it year in year out despite this, which you appear to have answered for me. Its imbecilic morons without any neurons firing such as yourself that buy it because "sports" and "real sports don't change so why should my virtual one "

            I would also add this.


            On a side note, you know there is that reading writing hotline for adults add on tv (you know for the ones like yourself who can't read), maybe you should call them.

              Haha. You still just don't get it. If you played the game and appreciate sports you would see that there has been a significant improvement in the way the game is played to align it better with football in reality. It isn't fact when you have just quoted someone's opinion article on a gaming news site as a reference. I rest my case. Don't need to prove how much if an idiot you are when you've done the work for me ;)

              Edit: You're also talking about Fifa on the 3ds called FIFA 14 Legacy Edition. Of course they won't be able to significantly upgrade a game on a platform that may not have the capacity to do so. If it's on the box that it's kit upgrades and skins only then it's up to the buyer whether they want to spend their own money however they see fit, not up to someone else's opinion such as yours. So understand that. You are commenting on an article about FIFA 14 on next gen consoles. Not on the 3DS.

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