Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Barring special occasions, I never go out of my way to exclude any mobile platform from the Week in Gaming Apps. Sometimes it just happens. Here's a little insight into how the Week in Gaming Apps works. I download a bunch of new games on my iPad, because it's easy to tell which games on iOS are the new ones. Then I go to Google Play and poke about. I'll check the Windows Phone 8 store as well, for good measure. I download some titles, pick my favourites, and make this this.

Most of the time, a game I play on iOS winds up being a cross-over title with Android. Not this week and none of the Android games I played really caught my eye. I tried.

Please don't hurt me too badly, Android gamers.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Shadowrun Returns — Harebrained Schemes — iOS — $10.49

Harebrained Scheme's wonderful PC RPG adaptation of the pen-and-paper role-playing classic works even better on the iPad. Feels like the game was made for touch controls. Unfortunately all you get is the main story, with none of the awesome fan-made content from the PC version.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Pocket Trains — Nimblebit — iOS — Free

Run away. NimbleBit's train sim is even more addictive than its plane sim. Or just as addictive. And dangerous. FLEE!

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Drop That Candy — Greenfly Studios — iPad, iPhone — $2.99

A clever little puzzle game that relies just as much on your reflexes as your intelligence. It's unfortunate Greenfly opted to make two versions — one for phones and iPods and one HD for iPads — universal apps, people.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Tower of Fortune 2 — Game Stew — iOS — $1.99

The original roulette-based RPG returns, with more reasons to spin the wheel than ever before. Tower of Fortune 2 adds so much — exploration, camping, crafting, random encounters, tavern mini-games. It's tough, but in a good way.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

TrouserHeart — 10tons — iOS — $2.99

The most fun you can have on your iPad without pants on, I guess? Someone has stolen your pants and the only thing to do when such a thing happens is to go on an extensive hack-and-slash adventure. I don't make the rules.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Cat on a Diet — Nawia Games — iOS — $0.99

Mmmm, a good-old physics puzzler. The cat wants cookies (or possibly diabetes), and you have to slash through obstacles to make sure he finds his way into the cookie jar, picking up muffins along the way because damn, he's going to die.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Buddy & Me — Sunbreak Games — iOS — $2.99

A bit pricey for an unknown property, especially when it's a variation on the endless runner, but damn Buddy & Me is pretty. It's like an animated feature, so delightful. Each run is different, and the game scales difficulty to the player, so it's accessible to everyone.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Amigo Pancho — Qaibo Games — iOS — $0.99

Amigo flies on two balloons, heedless of the angers you have to remove from his pants in order for him to ascend. You can play a free flash version of the game here — it's been around for years.

Some Weeks It Seems Like All The Good Apps Are On iOS

Boson X — Ian MacLarty — iOS — $1.99

Another free PC game gone iOS, this is one kick-your-arse running game masquerading as scientific research. You're running down tunnels, leaping from platform-to-platform as the world spins around you. Great fun.

So yeah, all iOS this week. It wasn't planned, but it happens. Vent your frustrations by sharing your favourite Android games in the comments, following the format we've laid down here.


    **Begin sarcasm** WHAT??? No Android games? How could you? Apple fan boy elitist. u R teh shame on us all ** End Sarcasm**

    It happens, sometimes there just are not any good Android games. I have found some truly amazing ones from Humble Bundles and have I ever seen them prominently advertised in Play? Nope. If you don't know about the game chances are you will never find it.
    Some of these games really do look quite cool and "almost" make me wish I had an iPad instead of a Nexus 7

    SR actually is available on Android, so it's all good ( - $10.78). And Deus Ex: The Fall should be coming out soon (September release date pushed back)

    funny, the games I play most on my android phone are emulated SNES games. The smartphone games (android and iphone) these days are all mind numbing fun chasing high scores or puzzles.

    I prefer an adventure game or good old RPG with a long story.....then again I prefer to read on my phone than game.

    Well, Shadowrun was released on Android on the same day as it was on ios actually.

    Shadowrun Returns came out on Android last week. I know because I got it after reading it in Kotaku's app of the day. Last week.

      It turns out that Pocket Trains was also released on android yesterday... I won't check all of the apps in this list, but it looks like someone didn't check their facts properly before writing up ;)

    Hey Peeps! I just released my game yesterday, for IOS AND Android! This is totally spam, so please accept my humble (but unrepentant) apologies!

    NAUGHTY BRICKS! It's a simple puzzle game, but its completely different, because I made it.

    Here's a trailer -
    App Store:
    Google Play Store:

    And here's some free codes, so you can take the first steps towards forgiving me for shameless self promotion. Only for IOS unfortunately, because Android don't do codes...


    ...But are they really free? You have to take the time to copy and paste them, just to try out a game you don't even know is any good... Isn't your time worth more than that?

    ...NO! IT'S FREE, GRAB IT!

    I've been playing Pocket Trains, I don't like it as much as Pocket Planes or Tiny Tower. It feels like too much is going on, like how in Pocket Planes and you owned too many crap little airports... but in Trains you can't ditch the small stations, since they're part of the network. So it feels really grindy and messy.

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