Somebody Is Actually Combining X-Wing And Homeworld

It's a dream combination, I know, so it's weird it's taken this long to do it. But hey, Enemy Starfighter is just that: a space combat game with the art style (and some ship design influence) from the Homeworld series.

It's due for Windows, Mac and Linux, and along with space combat also promises some strategic control of your fleet as well.

Before you ask: yes, it has Oculus Rift support.

And also an amazing poster.

Somebody Is Actually Combining X-Wing And Homeworld

Thanks RPS!


    What he said! If they also support a commander mode allowing one to give commands or grab resources I couldn't cram money down the tubes fast enough!

    Next a game that combines Freelancer and Mass Effect. Fly through space and then do missions on planet instead of just random bar scenes. Hopefully the next generation will have some ambitious genre combining games... Or just more of the same old safe stuff... Eh.

    This looks groovy tho gh and may be a holiday purchase, space is just so cool.

      while not there yet, Star Citizen has the potential to turn into something along those lines, I have a feeling that they will start to expand out the ground and in ship combat and exploration options in the future.

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