Someone Tried To Beat Up Michael Bay In Hong Kong

Someone Tried To Beat Up Michael Bay In Hong Kong

Earlier today, director Michael Bay was attacked on the streets of Hong Kong, where he is filming Transformers 4.

According to Reuters, two brothers, both in their late 20s, appeared on set and demanded HK$100,000 ($12,900).

The elder brother then attacked Bay as well as three police officers who tried to stop the assault. Bay was injured on the right side of his face, but did not seek treatment as he didn’t think it were serious. Instead, he continued filming.

Someone Tried To Beat Up Michael Bay In Hong Kong

The three officers suffered minor injuries, which were treated at a local hospital.

It’s unclear what prompted the attack, but the BBC reports that it might be over fees paid to local shops whose business might be impacted during the shoot. Both men were arrested on suspicion of assault and blackmail. A third man who was with the brothers was also arrested.

Transformers 4 director Michael Bay attacked on set in Hong Kong [DNA — Thanks Jason!] Transformers director Michael Bay attacked in Hong Kong [BBC]

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  • I don’t want to pass judgement until I hear what these two brothers have to say. I get the feeling that they may have had legitimate grievances, even if they went about it the stupid way. I mean, if it really was just blackmail, how stupid would they have to be to walk up to one of the biggest (I said biggest – not best) directors in the world today and blackmail him? Criminals are often stupid, but few are THAT stupid so as to try to accost a famous person in broad-daylight with his staff and witnesses all around. This leads to me to suspect that these two fellows may have a legitimate complaint.

    Of course, they really could just be THAT stupid as to actually think they could blackmail one of the biggest (again, not best) directors in the world so brazenly.

    • if local shopkeepers I wouldn’t be too surprised. Movie-making has often screwed over the locals with payments etc. There’s scores of sets and damage that are left behind for the locals to deal with.

      So it probably isn’t personal against Michael Bay. Just funnier.

  • Witnesses say that Michael Bay responded to the threat by punching one of the brothers, causing him to explode in spectacular fashion, causing everyone around to be flung back 20 meters, the resulting shock wave caused several nearby buildings to come crashing down filling the air with atmospheric dust . It is then alleged that Michael wrestled with his would be assailants, it is unclear who won the melee as bystanders said the combat was disorientating and hard to understand and eventually most of the onlookers had their vision temporarily impaired by a number of lens flares. Stay tuned for more details.

  • The new story my friend showed me said he got attacked by a man with an air conditioning unit. Sounded hilarious.

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