Sonic Is Back In The Next Super Smash Bros.

Not exactly a surprise, but nice to know nonetheless: Sega's blue hedgehog will return in the next Smash Bros. game, which comes out next year for 3DS and Wii U. Video above.

For more on the next entry in Nintendo's mascot fighting series, check out my in-depth interview with designer Masahiro Sakurai.


    If only he'll come back in his own franchise.

      Have you played anything post-Sonic 06? Even though it isn't classic Sonic, Colours and Generations were pretty good, and Sonic 4: Episode 2 was a bit of fun if you're not one of those fans who will only settle for Sonic & Knuckles 2. The Rush series on 3DS was also pretty solid.

        Don't forget all stars racing and its sequel

          Well I was really only referring to the standard Sonic games, but All Stars Racing and Transformed were definitely good kart racers. I imagine they're dirt cheap now as well if people are interested in checking them out (I personally prefer All Stars Racing over most Mario Kart games, and I've played the majority of them).

            Oh sure, but they were such stand-outs I felt they warranted a mention. The sonic games overall have seen a steady increase in quality since colours came out

              Agreed. It saddens me that people to write off any further games due to some perceived Sonic Cycle that hasn't been relevant in years.

    He also now has a page on the Smash Bros Dojo with some really nice screenshots.

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