Sony's PS4 Demo Consoles Look Great

Sony's PS4 Demo Consoles Look Great

The image you're seeing here was posted this morning by PlayStation Germany's Facebook page. It's a PS4 demo unit, complete with big TV, games, two controllers and a camera.

Smart move not just including two controllers (for stuff like FIFA), but also those big guides to PlayStation Plus and the Vita. Actually including a Vita with the display might have been more informative, but then, also more expensive. And confusing.

And while the games on screen might not seem exciting, look below. If every unit (it's unclear if this particular model is destined for all retailers, or if there will be changes made) comes with a playable demo of Watch Dogs, Second Son and Killzone, these babies will be worth tracking down.

If those are just ads, though, and the only games are the ones on-screen... hrm.

Sony's PS4 Demo Consoles Look Great

Sony PlayStation DE [Facebook, via NeoGAF]


    Poor little PS4. That display looks like a hotbox.

      Unreasonable to think there is a second retail PS4 in the back?

      The one on display doesn't have to have all the cables plugged in + you can style the box anyway you like without having to worry about it exploding.

      Last edited 11/10/13 12:10 pm

    PS4 must have decent cooling to sit inside that case all day...

      Funnily enough, we have a WiiU version of this where I work and there are actually two consoles in them. One that you see in the tiny plastic case that is just an empty shell and then the real deal is kept in the display with plenty of room around it and cooling. I assume this would probably be similar.

      As for the demos mentioned in the article, assuming these would be going into retail stores. They wouldn't be able to have a demo of Killzone, Second Son or Watch Dogs because of classification restrictions.

      Uhhh every console last gen sat in cases like that, I used to have a Xbox 360 original demo stand and everything ran shit hot, surround your home computer in Perspex see how that goes for you

    I'm pretty sure with that setup were looking at the first ps4 RROD scenario.

    its like one of those annoying plastic case. that requires scissors to open...

    the ps4 you see in the bubble is probably a stand in the real ps4 is most likely in the back

    Pretty sure there wont be playable demo's of MA15+ rated games in Australia, some body has to think of the children after all....

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